Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Update

Okay, so I haven't had much time to update and for some reason my upload photos isn't working so that is annoying b/c I have super cute pics I want to put on here.  Anyway, things are trucking along.  We are on somewhat of a schedule now and although Kara isn't sleeping thru the night life is much more manageable now that she only has 1 night time bottle around 1-2am.  Work is work and it some ways its nice to be back and in other ways it mega sucks.  Kelly belly is as cute as ever and still walking around on her tippy-toes which is super cute!  Kaylie is so helpful and I swear without her I would just die!  God obviously knew what he was doing with the age gap and and then blessing us with a 3rd baby girl so quickly after Kelly.  Anyhooo - as soon as I get a chance from home I will post updated photos!

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