Friday, August 31, 2012

What's Good

What's good is that it is Friday and we have off on Monday - bonus!  What's also good is how blessed I truly am.  Sometimes I lose sight of that and I think this last couple of weeks I have had a very negative attitude. I really prayed about it last night.  I know every time I get aggravated with something I need to stop myself and think about how lucky I am.  I am fortunate to have a healthy husband that works very hard every-single-day and that loves me and our children more than anything in the world.  We are so blessed to have healthy children that are smart and growing right on track (baby in my belly included).  Both Bryan and I have good paying jobs that really I should complain a lot less about.  We have a beautiful home and somehow manage to pay all of our bills and still have savings accounts.  All of these things mean we have a really great life and I need to wake-up and appreciate it. 

So with all that being said...the bad news was our A/C went out around 7:30pm last night.   So while I lay in bed sweating (inside temp was around 82) I reminded myself of all the wonderful and good things in my life.  Call it karma for my bad attitude lately or a little wake up call from the big guy upstairs - whatever it was it worked. Now hopefully the a/c guy can be at our house sometime today so we don't have to endure another night like last night. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day In - Day Out

Some days I really have no clue how I am surviving.  I mean seriously, between working full time (which is hard enough in itself) to managing an 8 year old, a 12 month old and a 31 year old PLUS being pregnant...I am really wearing myself out.  I don't think Bryan has any clue either.  I suppose what man really does fully understand all the work us woman do??  Some days I really wish I could have been a wife in the 1950's.  Seriously if I could just be a stay-at-home wife and keep the babies I would have life made!  I am going to have a heart to heart with my dear husband (not that I haven't already) and explain to him that me running around like a complete maniac 8 months pregnant and trying to do everything like I am a single Mom is NO BUENO.  I mean seriously I feel like I am a single Mom with a lawn care guy.  I do all the laundry, cleaning, cooking, dishes, lunches, grocery shopping, sippy cups, baths, nighttime tuck-ins, etc, etc, etc....with no help.  And I'm fed-up.  All I keep thinking in the back of my mind is how in the world am I going to keep this day-in and day-out routine when I have this next baby.  What am I super mom??

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So What Wednesday

So what if...
  • My blog desperately needs a makeover...I need someone to help me!  Erin where are you??
  • Since school is back in session I have had major road rage for the last 3 mornings. 
  • I'm pretty much getting by with the same maternity clothes as last year.  Why buy more?  Its such a waste of money.
  • I've really been going back and forth on tying my tubes.  I know I don't want any more children after this one but having the Dr. mess with stuff inside me scares me.  Plus, why should Bryan get off so easy!
  • I am starting to hate all of the Real Housewives shows - especially New Jersey and they used to be my favorite.  Bravo it's time for some new trash shows for me to watch.
  • I'm so over being pregnant!
What am I wearing Wednesday...
Notes: skirt circa 2011, shoes 2011 (I actually love these shoes), shirt 2011 (its non-maternity but still fits), jacket circa 2008 or 2009 (it goes with everything and covers my fat pregnant arms)  ;)
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Baby

Okay so my Dr. said I can have the baby on Oct. 17th or if I want to wait another week Oct. 24th.  I know this sounds crazy but I am actually leaning towards Oct. 24th only b/c it gives me 1 more week at work and allows me to be short one less pay check.  Plus, I am super busy at work right now and Oct. is going to be even worse.  I shouldn't really worry about the people at my job b/c well most of them are complete idiots but I still feel bad for leaving the goods ones. is the recent ultrasound pic. 

  The head looks big to me...and Bryan has a big head so this baby will probably look just like him (like all of our children!).   My genes just don't stand a chance against Bryans.  ;) 

School is Cool

Kaylie had a great 1st day back at school and was excited to get up and go again this morning.  I really am trying to enjoy this because I know it's only a matter of time before it wears off.  She saw her friends from last year and even has two of them in her classes so that was great! She looked so cute this morning - and grown up too.  It's kind of scary how fast kids grow-up on ya!   

She wanted her hair curled today so I woke up extra early to do this for her.  At least I can still do that for her!  Also our neighbors gave her an electric scooter and she is in LOVE with this thing.  I'm not gonna lie it scares the hell out of me.  It seems fast and dangerous...oh no, does she have a need for speed??  I wonder who she gets that from.  hehee

I have a Dr.'s appointment today and an ultrasound.  Exciting stuff!!  We'll see how big this baby is and hopefully my Dr. will give me a tentative c-section date!!!  Let the count down begin.

Monday, August 27, 2012

3rd Grade!

Happy first day of school!  Kaylie was excited this morning.  She got up immediately when I woke her, unlike our usual 10-15minutes of me asking her to get up.  She even ran upstairs got dressed AND came downstairs and got her lunch, water bottle, and backpack on.  Needless to say she was super-duper ready.  If only that would last all year. :)  Also, Kaylie did not want the bow in her hair...she's a big girl now.  So I'm pretty sure as soon as she walked into school and I was out of sight that bow came off her head!  Oh well, at least I have a picture of her wearing it. 

Here is a pic of our "fall garden" you can see the egg plants and the green beans are starting to grow on the thing (not sure what it's called) Bryan made.

Also, here is a pic of Kelly doing what she loves to do now, "drive her car"!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Last night we had "Meet the teacher night" at Kaylie's school.  I think her teacher this year seems nice.  We were chatty with each other and Kaylie seemed to like her immediately. I'm hopeful this year will be easier on Kaylie.  Last year was hard because we literally moved into our new house, had a new baby and changed schools all within a month.  Just having a new baby was an adjustment in itself but then throw in a new school and a new house.  It was a lot for me to handle let alone a 7 year old.  So anyway, this year I think things will be much smoother.  In other news Bryan's "fall garden" is in full swing.  We have already eaten our first egg plant.  Which by the way I'm not a big fan of.  I breaded it and fried it and it was okay, but just okay.  Not something I would ever buy and regularly cook at home.  Thankfully, he also planted green beans, cucumber and some peppers...and of course a couple more tomato plants.  I will admit I miss not having tomatoes like I did over the summer.  Buying them at the grocery store just feels wrong now.  ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So What Wednesday!

So what if.....
  • I make frozen meatballs in the crockpot for dinner once a week.  Bryan laughs his a$$ off at me because he says "I'm cooking the hell out of those pre-cooked balls"- All I have to do is make pasta and wa-la we have a spaghetti & meatball dinner.
  • I have been letting Kaylie do her own hair in the morning b/c it saves me time.  I have to say she is getting better at it, but some days - WOW I really shouldn't let her out of the house.
  • I am turning into the angry pregnant girl as I get closer to my due date.  Seriously, I think I almost bite someones head off at work at least 2-3 times a day!! 
  • I've now put my foot down with Bryan about his annoying non-stop outdoor projects.  It's great I have a "handy-do-it-yourself" man but good LORD Bryan bring your butt inside and help me.
  • Me wearing flip-flops to work has become an almost daily thing now.  I swear when I'm not pregnant I won't ever do it again!
  • My friend Tina wants me to do the "Pre-Labor Day Pregnant Bikini Contest"!  Is she crazy or what???
Go check out my fav bloggers page...she is seriously the best.  I read her stuff everyday!

Also - what am I wearing Wed.???

See my flip-flops!!  And I promise this dress wasn't wrinkled like this when I left this morning!!

Happy Hump-Day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flowers and Men

Bryan was in "trouble" with me last week so he sent flowers to my office.  This was a very nice gesture but why would he choose to send flowers to my work for the 1st time ever when I was super-duper P/O at him??  Wait.  I know why b/c he is smart and knew he better hurry up and do some major damage control before making his third-time pregnant wife any angrier.  The problem was it was hard to even enjoy the flowers b/c all of my co-workers were like, "OMG, how sweet!!" "Is it your anniversary?" Ummm..NO.  "Is it your birthday?" Ummm...NO.  And then of course they were all like, OHHHH...I see.  Some of my girlfriends I told the truth to which only made me more upset to have to regurgitate the whole story of why I was P/O.  Sooo, all I can say is that the next time Bryan sends me flowers we better not be in an argument or fight.  I want to truly enjoy the flowers and actually be happy when my coworkers all say, "Awwwww....he sent you flowers!!".

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bye-Bye Summer

This is officially the last week of summer.  And even though I will miss the much less hectic life style we have had over the past 3 months I think we are all ready.  Kaylie is ready because she is excited about 3rd grade, Bryan is ready because he is sick of the heat (like most of us) and I am ready b/c it means I am one step closer to having this baby!  In all fairness to Kaylie summer time this year has literally meant pretty much "no school".  I work full time and I'm pregnant so no vaca this year.  All my time off needed to be saved for my maternity leave/and or sick kids.  :(  Soooo...hopefully next year we will be able to have a real vacation again and Kaylie can have more of a real summer, with trips to the Frio again, camping, fishing, going to the beach, etc.  These are all the normal things we do but this year we missed all that good stuff.  Now I do need to keep in mind next year I will have a 20 month old and a 7-8 month old!!! Ahhhhh...okay let me actually back track and not keep that in mind.  ;)  I think it's best for me to not think about the challenges coming up!! Anyway...good-bye summer of 2012 - and hurry up summer of 2013! 

Weekend Pics

Some pics from this weekend...

 Kelly and her baby!
 It's seriously so cute to see her walking!

 Another day with her baby.

Kaylie and Kelly thought it was sooooo funny to slap Daddy's stomach - when I was a little girl we called this "Cherry-Belly"!!  ;0

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This and That

I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I went home early from work.  I managed to take an hour nap which is HUGE for me nowadays.  I feel so much better today.  I am starting to try and switch Kelly over to milk and this is proving to be more challenging than I first thought.  She has been on Nutramigen formula since she was 8 weeks old due to issues with milk based formula.  I have been trying to make the switch gradually but I think it's already upsetting her little tummy.  I may have to hold off a little while longer on making the switch or worse keep her on Nutramigen until 15 months (I have read this from other Mom's with babies on Nutramigen).  This really scares the crap out of me b/c the new baby will be here soon and the thought of having two babies on formula is HORRIBLE!!  In other news about the Kellster she has a new fav toy and it's so cute!  I will have to get a picture and post on here.  It's one of Kaylie's old baby's and Kelly carries it around with her everywhere...can you say ADORABLE!! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What am I wearing Wed.???

Please excuse the work bathroom photos. ;)

I actually thought I was looking pretty cute, which is not easy to do when your pregnant...but then Kaylie came downstairs and said, "OMG, Mom - what are you wearing??" I admit the dress is a little loud, the pattern at least but it fits nicely and is comfortable 2 very important things when your 7 almost 8 months prego!!  Anyway...this is what I am wearing today...I was not going to try and change (I have learned that only turns out to be a diaster)!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have a Dr.'s appt today, it really kind of stinks that I have to go every two weeks now.  I feel like it's just one more thing to add to my calendar of things to do.  And it's such a pain to go to the Dr. any Dr. period.  This baby is kicking me like crazy and I feel like I have doubled in size over the past week.  My boss even said to me this morning that I look bigger than I did last week.  He wasn't being rude just stating the facts and of course he always trys to say nice things like, "you look so good pregnant" or "you really carry well".  Sometimes when people say these things I wonder if they are really thinking, "OMG, she used to be skinny and now look at her!  Will she ever look the same again??" LOL.  In other news Kaylie has been playing tennis at the rec center and apparently she is pretty darn good. 

Not to brag too much but her Daddy was an awesome tennis player.  He was so good he had sponsors and traveled the US and even beat Andy Roddick!  Granted they were like 13 years old but still - take that Andy and your super model wife. ;)  So you never know maybe Kaylie will be the next Venus or Maria.  Not to mention those tennis outfits are so cute!  I tried for years to get Bryan to teach me just so I could buy a cute tennis skirt and matching shirt.  He never would though...but for Kaylie he would do anything especially with her that is sporty.  Poor guy he is just dieing to have one of our girls be into sports.  Kaylie is only 8 so it could still happen. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

This Old House

This weekend I really got to thinking about how much I miss our old house.  Emphasis on missing the "HOUSE" not the neighborhood.  We have officially been in our "new house" for a year and I just can't help but miss our 1st house. 
Our old house. 

I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact we moved into our new house when I was 8 months pregnant and then I got pregnant again after 4 months so it's like we have been living in our new house for a year and I have had no time to do anything to the inside of the house that I want. Now Bryan on the other hand has done a million things to the outside just as he always dreamed.  And of course he LOVES our new house and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. 
Our house now.
While I absolutely love our neighborhood and our neighbors the house is a lot to manage.  Plus, I am upstairs/downstairs about a thousand times a day because of Kelly belly and being pregnant right now isn't helping me much.  I know (or at least hope) I will one day love this house as much as our old house but right about now I am truly wishing we had just stayed in our little one story house. 

Maybe I am just missing the simplicity of my "old life"...I have a feeling that might have a lot to do with how I am feeling.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Random iphone pics

Some random iphone pics I hadn't looked at in a while...

 Coby as a puppy...he was so cute!! 
Kaylie in the backyard of our old house, look how little she was! 
 Kelly Belly around 4-5 months old.
 Kelly getting baptized at 2 months.
Kaylie wearing my sunglasses!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You're Guess Is As Good As Mine

Funny today I ran to the dealership to see how much it would cost to fix the nick in the bumper from the rock I hit on 290 and I was expecting $500 or so but they said $370, I guess I should be pleased but I am not.  Anyway, that's not what was funny though....what was funny was as soon as I walked in the girl at the front desk asked me when I was due?  I told her October and she said, Oh and your having a boy?  I laughed a little and said, "Ummm we don't actually know."  She said, "well I have had 3 boys and that is def. a boy in there!".  AHHHHHH...I just think it's so funny!!  I have heard from so many people they think it's a boy but then an equal amount of people telling me it's GOT to be a girl.  So no one really knows and all those wives tales just can't be accurate.  BUT the girl telling me it's a boy did get me a little in panic mode b/c like I just wrote about yesterday I am 100% NOT prepared for a baby boy.  I think this weekend I better buy a few little boy things just to make myself feel know just in case!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3 girls OR 2 girls and a boy???

I'm almost at the end of this pregnancy.  I start seeing my OB every two weeks now and as the date gets closer the anticipation of finding out if we are having a boy or girl is starting to kill me.  I wonder all the time about it.  On one hand having another little girl would be so wonderful!!  Kelly will have a playmate super close to her age and Kaylie will be a big sister to not just 1 but 2 sisters.  How awesome!  Plus, we are ready for another girl.  I have plenty of clothes and all of our baby stuff is geared towards girls.  Now if it's a boy...I'm not so prepared.  I have no boy clothes (like I have literally not bought 1 boy outfit) I have no boy toys or blue baby stuff what-so-ever.  I don't even know how to take care of a baby boys parts when they are newborns.  Like I am totally in the dark about having a boy.  Obviously, I will have to figure it out quick like.  I will be happy either way as long as the baby is healthy.  I think in all honesty I just think it's a girl and I will be truly shocked if its a boy.  I might even pass out on the table if they say it's a boy.  Hell Bryan may pass out too!!  Sooo...tick-tock...tick-tock!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another week...

It feels like I was just writing my Monday blog last week - gee time is really ticking along.  I'm not gonna lie this weekend wasn't the greatest.  I hit a rock on 290 in the new truck and it made a "nick" on the bumper.  Bryan was a massive jerk not so nice about it.  And that made the whole weekend really not so great.  Bryan's Mom is having surgery today so we are all thinking about her and hope she does well.  We will go to the hospital this evening to see her.  Kelly belly is growing up so fast, I can't believe she is already about to be 1!!  Despite not having the best weekend she and Kaylie make me smile no matter what!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Purple Elephant Gallery

My Mom and Aunt Jo took Kaylie to the Purple Elephant Gallery in Cypress today and it looks like a really neato place to go.  Here's a pic of Kaylie enjoying a pig not an elephant.  ;)


When I went into Kelly's room this morning she was a snotty mess. Poor baby her nose must have ran all night long! It looked like she smeared it everywhere. Despite her stuffed up nose she doesn't have a fever and even though I can tell she doesn't feel great she was still smiling at me.

In other news Kaylie has not been home for 3 nights and 4 days.  This is driving Bryan crazy!.  He just misses her and feels like she is getting older.  Which of course she is getting older and it's not that she needs us less she just needs us in different ways. To be honest I'm okay with all of my babies growing up, it's just life but I know Bryan is going to struggle with this with each and everyone of the kiddos.  I told him last night to just enjoy her being 8 right now b/c soon enough she really will want nothing to do with us at all (except for $$$)...eventually she will come back around....when she's like 25.  ;) 

My Aunt Jo is in town so this weekend we will chill and hang out with the family.  I sure wish I could drink some wine and just relax!!'s okay I can hang in there for a couple more months this ONE last time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All's Well

So I passed my test this morning, so all is well!  I just knew there was NO way I could have gestational diabetes.  There were two other ladies having the test taken again today so we were all able to chit-chat and that made the time go by a little faster.  Unfortunately, one of the girls didn't do so well and we felt bad for her.  She did say this runs in her family so she was sort of expecting it.  Anyhoo - Kaylie has been at her BFF's house since yesterday morning and Bryan and I were really missing her last night.  I can't wait to pick her up and get her home!  I think Kelly was even wondering why the house was so quiet last night.