Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Last night we had "Meet the teacher night" at Kaylie's school.  I think her teacher this year seems nice.  We were chatty with each other and Kaylie seemed to like her immediately. I'm hopeful this year will be easier on Kaylie.  Last year was hard because we literally moved into our new house, had a new baby and changed schools all within a month.  Just having a new baby was an adjustment in itself but then throw in a new school and a new house.  It was a lot for me to handle let alone a 7 year old.  So anyway, this year I think things will be much smoother.  In other news Bryan's "fall garden" is in full swing.  We have already eaten our first egg plant.  Which by the way I'm not a big fan of.  I breaded it and fried it and it was okay, but just okay.  Not something I would ever buy and regularly cook at home.  Thankfully, he also planted green beans, cucumber and some peppers...and of course a couple more tomato plants.  I will admit I miss not having tomatoes like I did over the summer.  Buying them at the grocery store just feels wrong now.  ;)

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