Monday, August 27, 2012

3rd Grade!

Happy first day of school!  Kaylie was excited this morning.  She got up immediately when I woke her, unlike our usual 10-15minutes of me asking her to get up.  She even ran upstairs got dressed AND came downstairs and got her lunch, water bottle, and backpack on.  Needless to say she was super-duper ready.  If only that would last all year. :)  Also, Kaylie did not want the bow in her hair...she's a big girl now.  So I'm pretty sure as soon as she walked into school and I was out of sight that bow came off her head!  Oh well, at least I have a picture of her wearing it. 

Here is a pic of our "fall garden" you can see the egg plants and the green beans are starting to grow on the thing (not sure what it's called) Bryan made.

Also, here is a pic of Kelly doing what she loves to do now, "drive her car"!!

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