Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have a Dr.'s appt today, it really kind of stinks that I have to go every two weeks now.  I feel like it's just one more thing to add to my calendar of things to do.  And it's such a pain to go to the Dr. any Dr. period.  This baby is kicking me like crazy and I feel like I have doubled in size over the past week.  My boss even said to me this morning that I look bigger than I did last week.  He wasn't being rude just stating the facts and of course he always trys to say nice things like, "you look so good pregnant" or "you really carry well".  Sometimes when people say these things I wonder if they are really thinking, "OMG, she used to be skinny and now look at her!  Will she ever look the same again??" LOL.  In other news Kaylie has been playing tennis at the rec center and apparently she is pretty darn good. 

Not to brag too much but her Daddy was an awesome tennis player.  He was so good he had sponsors and traveled the US and even beat Andy Roddick!  Granted they were like 13 years old but still - take that Andy and your super model wife. ;)  So you never know maybe Kaylie will be the next Venus or Maria.  Not to mention those tennis outfits are so cute!  I tried for years to get Bryan to teach me just so I could buy a cute tennis skirt and matching shirt.  He never would though...but for Kaylie he would do anything especially with her that is sporty.  Poor guy he is just dieing to have one of our girls be into sports.  Kaylie is only 8 so it could still happen. 

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