Monday, June 25, 2012

Tree House

This weekend Bryan and my Dad finished Kaylie's tree house.  She LOVES it.  She already put a bean bag chair in it and some toys.  She made Bryan put a chair in it for him too.  It was cute.  :)  She says she doesn't want a roof or cover on top but I'm trying to convince her she might want to rethink that.  Also, my Dad suggested a sandbox under the house but Bryan says no b/c he wants his "grass".  With two more kids behind Kaylie to play with it I think the sandbox is a good idea.  I'll have to work on Bryan about this! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poppy Seed to Pumpkin

Okay not quite a pumpkin but the estimates the baby in my belly is about the size of a spaghetti squash.  I have to admit I'm starting to feel like I have a squash in there too.  :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rain is a good thing

Oh rain - how I have missed  you!  It feels like years and years since the great people of Texas last saw you.  Please rain come again - don't go away, come again and stay a while (but NOT too long b/c then we will flood)!  ;)  Seriously though it finally rained really hard at my office today (I hope at my house too) and it was such a wonderful sight.  It's crazy how something like rain can make people so happy but that's what happens when you've been missing it for so long.  Other news - not too much to report on, Kaylie is back at Fairfield Rec Summer Camp, Kelly is doing well and getting so big and I can join her on the getting big comment.  My belly is def. starting to show.  I'm almost 6 months and starting to not fit in any of my normal clothes (booo-hooo). Thank you Lord for helping whoever created the Belly-band b/c it is a life saver, especially for my work clothes (love it!).  That's it really - oh and I'm back on my vehicle hunt.  I'm pretty sure I am driving Bryan and my Dad crazy b/c I email and call about every vehicle I am the slightest bit interested in.  Hey - that's what Dad's & husband's are for...I don't know jack about cars so I need them to tell me -yah or nah.  We'll see if I end up buying something this weekend.  It could happen!!   

Friday, June 15, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

Bryan is really an amazing Daddy.  All of his "girls" are so lucky to have him.  He took off work early one day this week to have an afternoon with just him and Kaylie.  It was so sweet and they had a blast!  They went and saw the new Madagascar movie and ate all the popcorn and junk food they could both stomach and then spent the rest of the afternoon just enjoying each other.  It really made my heart smile.  And I know Kaylie loved every minute of it.  After the health scare with her last week/weekend I think we all value each other a little more.  And if anything good came out of last week, hey - I'll take it! 

Bryan says he is hoping this last baby will be a boy but I think he has it all wrong...if we have another girl it's just one more daughter for him to have that special daddy/daughter bond with.  There is nothing better than that bond - - I know 1st hand because I am lucky enough to have it with my Dad too.  Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's that deserve it!  ;0

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On the mend

This weekend was not so much fun and my poor 1st baby girl.  Kaylie had it worse than all of us.  She was still running a fever Saturday so we did the same thing we had been doing all week - nothing but a lot of laying on the couch.  Then around 5:30ish I noticed a bruise looking rash on Kaylie's arm.  Well this was one of the things the nurse told me on Friday to watch out I immediately called the Dr. on call.  She said we needed to go to the ER b/c it could be a sign of meningitis.  Of course totally scared and worried I dragged Kaylie with me to Texas Children's Hospital while Bryan stayed home with Kelly.  Once we got checked in they did a throat culture, put an IV in her arm and took lots of blood.  After being there for 3 hours they told us she had strep throat.  My poor baby suffered for 6 full days for something that was 100% treatable.  I was so mad but at the same time just thankful she was going to be okay and that it wasn't anything more serious.  They gave Kaylie a shot of antibiotics in her butt (which looked very - very - very painful) Kaylie was so strong though and pulled through like a champ.  Finally after 10days she seems to be doing much better. 

There is nothing worse than when your kids are sick.  I'm just so grateful she is getting back to her normal self.  Without the health of our loved ones we really have nothing.

Friday, June 8, 2012

5-days of sick

Today is day 5 of Kaylie being sick and when I say sick I mean she literally has had a fever every night of at least 102 and during the day it's a little lower around 99-101.  We saw the Dr. on Tuesday and he said its just a viral infection.  Then I called yesterday and spoke with the nurse again said she thinks it's just a really bad viral infection.  Well today I called again and they are having the Dr. look at her chart again to see if they should see her before the weekend.  Which I think at this point it would make me feel better if they did see her again.  I mean her temp this morning was 102.3 right before I pumped her full of more Advil.  How can that be okay??? It's making me nervous and I feel terrible for her.  :( 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kaylie -- One Sick Little Girl

My poor baby Kaylie is so sick.  :(  I'm pretty sure it's the same sickness Kelly had and then I have had for almost 2 weeks.  She has run a fever since Monday evening and looks and feels terrible.  Isn't it the saddest thing ever when your kids are sick?  I just want to take it all away.  I stayed home with her yesterday and took her to my Dr.'s appt. (which by the way the baby is doing great and we had another ultrasound and all was well - they could have told us the sex but I said NO, this one will be a surprise).  Then we went to Kaylie's Dr. and that appt. was horrible!!!  They thought she had the flu so they did a nose swab and then they took blood to check her white blood cell count.  That was the worst part.  They pricked her finger and she cried & cried & cried!!!  She cried so loud I'm sure everyone was looking at our room like WHAT IN THE WORLD???  Anyway, in the end they said no bacterial infection and no flu so that was good news.  He said it's just a virus that needs to run it's course.  Hopefully, this is the end of this virus in our house.  Bryan is the only one that hasn't gotten sick.  He says it's because he drinks enough alcohol to kill all the germs.  LOL.  Wish I could do the same.  ;)

Monday, June 4, 2012


I feel like I keep saying this but it's hard for me to stop when the amount of tomatoes from Bryan's garden is forever increasing.  We literally had around 70 tomatoes this weekend.  I filled an entire vegetable drawer in our fridge and we still had a whole windowsill full of them.  I brought another big bag into work today and tomorrow I'm bringing some to Kelly's sitter and the Fairfield Rec's Director. We also have plenty of Zucchini, cherry peppers, sweet peppers, jalapenos and Bulgarian carrot peppers (that are too hot for most normal people to eat). 

 Excuse the tin-foil...Bryan seems to think this is helping keep the birds away but it's really not doing anything.  We have to pick the tomatoes right before they turn red, that's the only way otherwise the birds will eat them up.

I have to say it's been so nice for the last month and half or so not to have to buy any tomatoes at the grocery store.  I will miss them when their gone. 

Whats New?

Not that much actually.  Kaylie started Fairfield Rec Camp today and was pretty excited although I think she is starting to get whatever Kelly and I are finally getting over.  She crawled into bed with me around 5am crying her throat hurt.  She said she felt fine by 7am so I took her to camp and luckily my Dad will get her early so if she still isn't feeling well at least she's not gonna be there all day.  Kelly was good all weekend minus her sore mouth from all the teeth she has gotten within such a short time - she almost has 8!!  4 are on top and 3 are on the bottom with 1 more making it's way on in.  We said good-bye to Grandma Jo on Saturday and then went to Kaylie's end of the year softball pool party.  Sunday we went shopping and Bryan and my Dad worked on his jeep.  My Mom, Kaylie, Kelly and I all swam after the mall and just relaxed.  It was a pretty nice weekend.  I did have a minor meltdown on Saturday because...well....I'm sure it's mostly because I am pregnant.  Sometimes I just feel really trapped.  I have no time to be friends with my friends, and honestly I have no time for myself.  I feel terrible for that but it's almost impossible right now.   Anyway, after my little pity party I got over it and have to keep telling myself it will not always be like this.  Everything with Kaylie has flown-by so quickly it will do the same with Kelly and the new baby and then I will probably be missing the stressful baby days again.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bring your kid to work day

Okay - so it's not really "bring your kid to work day" but I did anyway.  Kaylie came with me to the office this morning and then my Dad picked her up around 11am.  We started off pretty good but then her laptop wouldn't connect to my Internet even though I had the WIFI password.  Needless to say it was going to be hard to keep her from getting bored so I was glad when my Dad got to the office.  Below are some pics of Kaylie working for the day. 

Can you tell she was hard at work???!! ;)