Friday, June 15, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

Bryan is really an amazing Daddy.  All of his "girls" are so lucky to have him.  He took off work early one day this week to have an afternoon with just him and Kaylie.  It was so sweet and they had a blast!  They went and saw the new Madagascar movie and ate all the popcorn and junk food they could both stomach and then spent the rest of the afternoon just enjoying each other.  It really made my heart smile.  And I know Kaylie loved every minute of it.  After the health scare with her last week/weekend I think we all value each other a little more.  And if anything good came out of last week, hey - I'll take it! 

Bryan says he is hoping this last baby will be a boy but I think he has it all wrong...if we have another girl it's just one more daughter for him to have that special daddy/daughter bond with.  There is nothing better than that bond - - I know 1st hand because I am lucky enough to have it with my Dad too.  Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's that deserve it!  ;0

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