Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rain is a good thing

Oh rain - how I have missed  you!  It feels like years and years since the great people of Texas last saw you.  Please rain come again - don't go away, come again and stay a while (but NOT too long b/c then we will flood)!  ;)  Seriously though it finally rained really hard at my office today (I hope at my house too) and it was such a wonderful sight.  It's crazy how something like rain can make people so happy but that's what happens when you've been missing it for so long.  Other news - not too much to report on, Kaylie is back at Fairfield Rec Summer Camp, Kelly is doing well and getting so big and I can join her on the getting big comment.  My belly is def. starting to show.  I'm almost 6 months and starting to not fit in any of my normal clothes (booo-hooo). Thank you Lord for helping whoever created the Belly-band b/c it is a life saver, especially for my work clothes (love it!).  That's it really - oh and I'm back on my vehicle hunt.  I'm pretty sure I am driving Bryan and my Dad crazy b/c I email and call about every vehicle I am the slightest bit interested in.  Hey - that's what Dad's & husband's are for...I don't know jack about cars so I need them to tell me -yah or nah.  We'll see if I end up buying something this weekend.  It could happen!!   

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