Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Softball Pics

Thanks to Erin (Parker's Mom) I have some actual softball pics to post!  I was already hoping Parker and Kaylie would be on the same team but now I am really-really hoping they are on the same team!  ;)  Thanks Erin - you are awesome and totally captured Kaylie being Kaylie.  LOL!

This is typical Kaylie!!  What is she looking at??

Okay - looks like she is paying attention in this one! (Parker is the cutie next to her in the pink shirt)

I see some things we can improve upon here, LOL!

Looking pretty good here!

Good Job, Kaylie!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning Kaylie had a basketball game and they won and she played really well!  She actually got hit in the face with the ball (hard) and the she shook-it-off like a champ.  The referee even held up her arm and announced to everyone, "this is the toughest girl"!  Kaylie was really proud of that moment and we were too. Then in the afternoon she had "try-outs" for softball.  Yes, people I said "try-outs" for 2nd grade girls wanting to play softball.  It's not like they don't put everyone on a team which is why I found it odd that they called it try-outs.  I don't know, maybe I'm being weird about it because this is Kaylie's 1st year and like any parent you want your child to do well and feel comfortable.  Kaylie has always been in dance (since 3 years old) and she's very girlie, this is the 1st year she's been in sports.  Expect for one year we tried soccer and that was a horrible experience. We will see how this softball season goes and maybe get back into dance in the summer.  Below is a pick of the girls on the field getting ready for the "try-outs" to start.  Kaylie was all the way in the back so you can't even really see her. 

Kell'sBell's waiting for the try-outs to start!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day.  We slept in and then the whole family loaded up and took Coby to the dog park.  In the afternoon Bryan BBQ and while Kelly napped we all hung out, outside.  It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon and so pretty outside! 

Kaylie enjoying the weather and the set-up she made for herself.  She loves to read!

Bryan's garden

We now have an avocado tree and an orange tree.

Bryan and the dog - this pic is classic Bryan.
Me and KK!

Friday, January 27, 2012

No Fun

Thursday morning started off early - as in 3:45am early.  Kaylie crawled into our bed around 3am, which is not abnormal, what was abnormal was the noise she started to make around 3:45am.  It's the dreaded noise of someone about to puke.  Of course, she did throw-up all in OUR bed before making it to the bathroom.  Why couldn't she have just done it in her bed and then come into our bed??  Anyway, it was a rough day.  She pretty much threw-up consecutively all morning.  Just when I would think maybe she was okay....I would hear that dreaded noise.  I kept Kelly home with me too and that made it even harder to tend to Kaylie because I had to tend to Kelly too.  Plus, I had to try and keep them separated as much as possible.  I set Kaylie up on the big chair in the living room, with a trash can next to her all day.  Poor baby, you know Kaylie is sick when she doesn't move all day and she literally stayed on that chair all day. Around 2pm she was finally able to keep some 7 Up down and managed to eat a cracker or two.  My Dad brought Gatorade over around 3ish and she was able to drink that too.  Let's just pray it started with Kaylie and ends with Kaylie!!  Fingers crossed.
My Poor Baby!

Kelly was of course as happy as can be...however the rolling over thing is cute but exhausting.  She rolls over and then gets so mad b/c she can't get back.  I'm looking forward to her being able to go back and forth...although that will bring about a whole new set of issues!  She will then be rolling all over the house! Cute but Scary!
 Happy - yea I rolled over!
Starting to get mad.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stop Stressing

Yesterday morning started off with a 401K meeting at my office.  Not the best way to start the morning.  As the man gave his presentation and went on and on about high risk, moderate risk, conservative stocks, bonds, pre-tax, tax deductable, blah-blah-blah. My ADD kicked in and my mind went something like this...

OMG are Bryan and I ever going to be able to retire?  It seems so far away but really it's NOT.  Bryan has a pension but it's probably not going  to be worth crap by the time the fat cats get done pinching out of it.  401K what a gamble...you put your money in and hope that when it's your time to retire the stocks are up and you actually get something.  WOW...how are Bryan and I going to pay for two girls to go to college.  I need to set-up college funds!!  Ahhhh...Bryan has been telling me to do this for 7 years and now we have another kid!  College, how are we going to afford 2 additional vehicles for the girls??  Kaylie will be driving in 8 years!! Cars for the girls, what am I thinking?  I need a new car, uhhhh - who wants another car note though?? I need to go buy formula for the baby on my lunch break, she is almost out.  Oh no, I hope I didn't leave wet clothes in the washing machine??  NO - I think I put them in the dryer last night.  We have a meeting on Friday morning and I have to put together a PP, I should be working on that!  Ahhhhh - I have so much stuff to do, why am I sitting in this meeting??  Oh yea...because one day I hope to retire! Snap back Jennifer - pay attention, pay attention - this is very important!!

I wonder if other people in the meeting do the same thing as me, or am I just a weirdo?? 

Anyway, the rest of the day was somewhat depressing because I kept thinking all day about all of the things, I should be, need to be, have to do and I'm not doing and I don't know how I'm going to find the time?  I know things always find a way of working themselves out but it's just my nature to worry and stress.  And it's really not a good way to be. 

Today I am really going to stop stressing (or try at least!).  Although, I'm going to be honest I may need medication to help me....

Last thing for today, Bryan and I are going to New York City in Feb. for a weekend trip.  I'm excited about it and think it will be fun, cold but fun.  Our brother-in-law, Jumer, who happens to be from New York and knows people so helped get us a really nice hotel in Times Square for a really great price!  And that is awesome b/c if you know anything about hotels in New York City...then you know they are ridiculous.  Soooo, super thanks to Jumer and his people for hooking us up!  :) 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update

We had a really-really-really wonderful weekend!  Saturday we had family and friends over for a BBQ and to celebrate Bryan's bday.  It was really great.  We had such a good time and Bryan was so spoiled this year.  He got his BBQ pit (not exactly the one he wanted, but this one is very nice), my Mom & Dad, Bryan's Mom & Dad and his sister all chipped in so that was very nice! My brother brought Bryan some plants for his garden (strawberry's, new potatoes and cauliflower to name a few) - extra shout-out to my brother and his fam for that because Bryan was so excited and kept saying all day Sunday how nice and thoughtful it was of Jimmy to do that for him!  Bryan's Dad really went all out - not only did he help with the BBQ pit but he also gave Bryan an Orange tree, made homemade salsa (so good), brought a lemon chess pie homemade by his girlfriend AND he (all by himself) made the BEST carrot cake anyone has ever eaten in their lives.  I mean seriously it was so unbelievably good - words cannot describe.  So all in all it was a great Saturday! I wish I had more pics but I was running around so much I honestly didn't have time.  But my Mom was able to get a couple of us singing happy birthday.


In other news Kelly-Belly is rolling over like a professional!  She is officially a "roller" but only from back to stomach, she hasn't figured out how to go from stomach to back.  It's so cute to watch because every time she does it, it's like she's not sure what in the world she just did!  Also, my parents got her this cute little chair, she loves it!  She's so much fun to watch and play with and such a good baby!

Kaylie starts softball this weekend so that should be interesting.  She actually has "try-outs" on Saturday afternoon.  This week we are in full-on practice mode!  Bryan and I are both so competitive and somewhat athletic so Kaylie needs to step it up.  Not sure how this will all go though because as you can see in the pic below the only thing she REALLY wants to do is play Webkinz!  Although, I have to admit she does like basketball and she has improved so much since the 1st game!  Soooo - maybe she does have some of me in her after all.  ;)

I'm going to end this post with a pic of Coby boy.  He drives me crazy and makes me want to kill him a million times a day but at the end of the day I love this dog so much.  We all do, Bryan, Kaylie & Kelly (eventually)! It's impossible for any of us to stay mad at him b/c he's just so darn cute!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Monster High

Do you know what a Monster High doll is?  They are very popular dolls for girls ages 6-10. They are very similar to Bratz dolls - you know the trashy, way too much make-up, practically naked ones, but Monster High dolls are vampires and werewolf's (see pic). I really hate toy companies sometimes...I mean seriously who comes up with dolls like this for little girls to play with?  I think it's someone that secretly works for the devil.
(Kaylie was so excited I was taking a pic of her 2 favorite girls - she even made me wait so she could get them in good poses)

Anyway, Kaylie LOVES these dolls.  Bryan actually bought her the 1st doll like 2 years ago from Justice (girls clothing store) the point is Bryan bought it and I would not have.  Which is odd because Bryan is like most Daddy's and doesn't want Kaylie to EVER (as in EVER) wear make-up or dress inappropriately or even date a boy for that matter!  So it's weird that he did buy her the 1st doll, but I imagine Kaylie really wanted it and he didn't want to disappoint her so he said okay.  Obviously, once she got the 1st doll it became very difficult to tell her no to more. 

So the other day Kaylie was telling me a couple of her girlfriends at school are NOT allowed to have these dolls.  Of course I totally understand why and tried to explain to her the reasoning - but I'm sure everything I said went in one ear and out the other. Then last night when I got home Bryan was there but not Kaylie. She was at her friends house playing.  Okay - no problem, great.  Well when she got home she had all her dolls and their caskets and dead girl stuff that comes with them.  I was like OMG...did you take those to your friends house???  She was all happy and like "YEA, my friends love them and since they can't have them I let them play with mine."  SOOOO - now I'm sure I look like the Mom that is okay with these trashy dolls and I'm really not. 

Oh well...it is what it is and anyone that knows us knows that we try our best to teach her right from wrong and how to act like a lady.  And the reality is before we know it the "Monster High" dolls will mean nothing to her (or anyone else for that matter).  Here's hoping it will come sooner than later!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Night

Bryan's birthday has come and gone, well kind of...we are having family and friends over on Saturday too, but he is actually 31 now. :)  We spent the night at home and had a nice dinner and then sang happy-birthday and had cake.  I couldn't find candles so I had to improvise but it worked!  Also, super-duper cute Kaylie made her Daddy a card and gave him 3 little presents.  The 1st a candy cane (left over from Christmas goodie bags) 2nd a pencil because he needs this for work and the 3rd an asphalt rock because she said he's a plumber and probably needs this too!  LOL...it was super cute and sweet. 
Next on the birthday's list is me!  Ya!...but not until May so I still have some time to enjoy Bryan and I both being 31.  After May 23rd he can start calling me, "his older woman" again.  ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthdays and Religious Education

So today is Bryan's birthday! I hope he has a good day.  Kaylie and I baked him a red velvet cake last night, so tonight after dinner we will sing Happy Birthday to Daddy and eat cake. 

In other news Kaylie had CCE last night and she is about to make her 1st Reconciliation (Jan. 31st).  Her class is getting prepared for it and they go next week into the church to see the confession room, although they don't actually go into the room anymore.  The kids confess face-to-face.  I think adults have that option nowadays too.  Honestly, I'm not sure...which brings me to my next point.  I have not gone to confession in so many years that I can't even remember when the last time was.  Since this year is a big year for Kaylie in the Catholic Church, 1st Reconciliation and Holy Communion she has had a lot of questions.  I feel like a really bad Catholic and even Christian for that matter, because a can't answer a lot of her questions.  Last night Kaylie and I were going through her prayers (she has to memorize 4 in total) and when we got to "Our Father" (which by they way she knows this one very well) we went through each line and discussed what they meant.  She immediately asked me what does, "hallowed be thy name" mean??  Well I had NO clue, inside I panicked a little??  So I did what any good Mom would do and I ran downstairs and googled it.  This is what google gave me:

  • "Hallowed Be Thy Name" is a song written by Steve Harris for the 1982 Iron Maiden album. (This really was the first thing that came up!!)
  • The word Hallowed means sanctified or set apart for sacred use
  • Holy be your name, or there abouts.
  • The word "hallow" means sanctify.
  • In the Lord's prayer, we are commanded to hallow God's name.
  • 'May your name be honoured'
So my answer to Kaylie was it means to honor God's name and then I went into further details but I think she was satisfied with my answer.  I guess my point in all of this is that I'm happy she is learning and I am too.  It's good for both of us and even Bryan.  He has really stepped up in helping out with the religious education process and that is huge! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today started off terrible, it was raining so of course everyone in Houston forgets how to drive.  Plus, there was an accident on my way to work so that just added to my aggravation.  Two things to add to this driving rant - #1 if you want to drive slow in the morning and sip your coffee and listen to the radio, fine - great - good for you put please get OUT of the fast lane or get out of the way! #2 if there is an accident do NOT stop to see what happened, keep driving or you are just going to cause another accident! I'm going to stop complaining about this now b/c it's just getting me mad thinking about it.  My friend Mattie told me the other day she listens to Christian music/talk in the morning and it really does help her control her road rage.  I need to try that and will try to remember to do it tomorrow morning. 

On another subject - Bryan's birthday is tomorrow.  Yay, we get to celebrate the day my sweet husband was born.  :) 

Although, he is driving me crazy right now about the BBQ pit he wants.  Also, every year he gets all dramatic and depressed about "getting old".  Age doesn't bother me so I don't understand what in the world he is crying about...he's turning 31 not 65!! 

Tomorrow I will post birthday pics!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

Today wasn't actually that much fun so the title is a lie.  But this weekend was a good one, minus the Texans losing today.  Boooo!  Anyway, Friday night Kaylie's basketball team won.  Saturday they lost. It was so pretty outside after the game she spent the whole day outside playing with the neighbors kids.  It's nice to finally live somewhere that Kaylie can run outside and play.  Around 5pm, I took Kell's Bell's to Grandma and Grandpa's and then Bryan and I got ready to go out.  We dropped Kaylie off at her friend's house and went to Salt Grass for dinner it was good and Salt Grass is a fav of Bryan's.  We did eat way too much food as usual.  Afterwards, we went to a "new bar" in Cypress called Lucky's.  I say "new bar" b/c my friend Tina laughed at me when I called it "new"...apparently there is a Lucky's downtown or in the heights but I'm not in the going-out loop hence not being aware of this.  Oh well.  The Lucky's in Cypress was packed...we had to park at Buc-ee's gas station it was so packed.  Once inside we did get good seats though right at the bar and in front of the TV so that was nice.  We watched Denver get killed by New England.  Boooo, again!!  That's it for our weekend now it's time to get ready for another hectic week.  

Kelly is about to roll-over she's so close...she has actually done it once but not again.
 Kaylie and Kelly in their matching shirts from the Houston Boat Show - Thanks Grandpa!
 Kelly and her sweet smile.
 Bryan and I about to go out.  :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


Okay, so I officially turned down the job I interviewed for on Tuesday.  I felt bad telling the manager because she seemed like a very nice lady, but I do feel it was the right decision for myself.  At this point in my life having 2 kids one of which only being 4 months old I need flexibility.  I definitely have flexibility where I am at and even though I'm not "in-love" with what I am doing and I don't feel I'm in a "moving-on-up-in-the-world" position other things are more important right now.  Plus, I really like everyone I work with and that can make or break a job.  So that's that - no more worrying about a new job (for now at least!). 

Tonight Kaylie has a basketball game at 6pm and then basketball pictures Saturday morning at 8:45am and THEN another basketball game at 10am.  So the family will have a bit of running around tonight and tomorrow but then Saturday night should be fun.  Bryan and I are both looking forward to it!

p.s. Bryan is getting a new BBQ pit for his bday, like a real BBQ pit. Not one from Lowes or Home Depot (not sure why those ones aren't sufficient but apparently they aren't) and just a little head's-up for anyone not knowing about BBQ pits (like me) they are not CHEAP!  But anyone that knows Bryan knows that when Bryan really wants something he will do anything to make it happen.  Sometimes I love that about him and sometimes I hate it!

Below are some random pics for your enjoyment.

 Kelly in the morning - I think the flash frightened her!
 Kaylie Christmas morning, look at her socks! :)
 Kelly Christmas Eve - I wish I had a better pic she looked so cute!!
 Kaylie 1st day of 2nd Grade
Kelly at the sitter's doing Tummy-Time! They email me pics during the day so I can see what she is doing, isn't that awesome!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Growth Percentiles

I almost forgot, I wanted to post Kelly's growth percentiles @ 4months!
Weight - 94.83% (she is a healthy eater)
Height - 97.47% (duh - I'm almost 5'9 and Bryan is 6'4)
FOC (head circumference) - 36.53% (yay! - she doesn't have an abnormally large head)

4-Months Shots

This morning Kelly had her 4-month check-up and 4-month shots.  She had to get the free and clear on her ears 1st because she had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago and was on antibiotics for 10 days.  The good news was that her ears are back to normal and she is developing perfectly!  Of course the bad part was getting the shots and even worse that I had to leave her with the sitter for the rest of the day instead of being able to stay home with her and give her extra special love.  :(  Unfortunately, that is all part of being a working mom.  I am grateful that we have a very sweet and special lady that watches Kelly and I trust she will love on her more today than the usual.  Kelly is already almost 17lbs!  LOL!!...this makes me laugh because she is like a butterball turkey of adorable chubbiness, just like her sister was too!  Below is a pic of her at the Dr. just before the nurse came in to give her the shots. 
She was so happy and smiling and laughing UNTIL the needles went in and then she did one of those silent cries. Poor baby. 

In other news Bryan's 31st birthday is next week so we are going out on Saturday night.  Kaylie is having a sleep-over at her friends house and Kelly is going to stay the night with Grandma and Grandpa.  This allows Bryan and I to go out to a nice dinner and then party like we were 16 again (okay not really like 16!).

We are so lucky to have my Mom and Dad down the street from us AND super lucky we also have Nana and Pop close by too.  Plus, they all love having their grandkids around.  I don't know what I would do without my Mom and Dad? OMG, when we still lived in Katy and they moved to Cypress I literally cried my eyes out.  I told Bryan (in my typical dramatic fashion), "They could have moved to Michigan and it would be the same thing!!!".  Obviously that's not true but that is how I felt at the time, like they were a million miles away.  Anyway - it's good we moved closer to them and the rest of the family, even though I desperately miss Katy at times.

Last little news for today - Kaylie is so funny.  I went to text the sitter this morning and saw Kaylie had tried to send a text to my Mom last night from my phone, but didn't press send.  Here's what she said, "Hi grandma its kaylie mommy doesn't no I am doing this I don't no how to do this" and then she added a smiley face.  She cracks me up!  She wanted a pic of just me and her on the blog but Bryan (while holding the baby) kept trying to get in the pic.  It was really funny - see below.
(Note: Kaylie's hand trying to push Daddy out of the pic, LOL)!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday Crazies

Okay, so yesterday afternoon I had an interview for another position within my company. I had my phone off from about 3:30pm until I got out so I didn't know Bryan had to work late.  Bryan usually picks Kaylie up from school and takes her to basketball on Monday nights and to her CCE class on Tuesday nights.  But of course since I was late and he was late CCE class was just not going to happening. Although, Bryan could have (and should have) called my Dad because he would have been able to get Kaylie and take her...but Bryan said he was busy and couldn't stop in the middle of what he was doing to make a call and blah-blah-blah.  Anyway, with us both being late I called my Dad as I sat in traffic on 290 and asked if he could get Kaylie from school.  He is so sweet and special to us, whenever I need him he is always there.  He happily stopped what he was doing and scooped up kid #1 from school.  I continued to crawl along 290 until I was finally at the babysitters to get Kelly-Belly.  We made it home around 5:40ish (which actually wasn't too bad) and then the mad rush begins: start dinner, feed the baby, throw in a load of laundry, pack Kaylie's lunch, help her with homework, clean bottles, fold clothes, do dishes, bath Kelly, yell at Kaylie to get in the shower, brush her teeth, get ready for bed...etc.!  In between running around the house like a maniac Bryan finally made it home.  I told him about the blog and showed him and Kaylie and they were actually really cute about it.  I told them I can post pics and we can even create a "book" out of it (thanks Natalie!) so they were pretty excited.  Actually they both wanted to take pictures for me to post...so here are some of the family pics from last night. 
Me and Kelly Belly
Bryan and Kaylie (please note Bryan is fresh off of work)
Bryan and Kaylie insisted Coby be in the pictures (as he is part of the family)...it looks like he is being choked but I promise he's not!

Oh and as far as the "new position" goes I'm still undecided but sometimes the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  And even though I am driving from Cypress to Katy everyday (54 miles round trip - the other job is 34 miles round trip) my commute isn't that bad because I'm not on horrible 290! That's the crazy thing about Houston it would probably take me the same amount of time if not longer to drive less miles.  Anyway, there's more for me to think about then just the drive/traffic so I really need to think it through before making a decision.  I prayed about it last night and I trust God will point me in the right direction. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joining the 21st Century!

Hi Everyone!
I have to start by saying I never thought I would create a blog.  It seems so cliche at this point because anyone and everyone are doing it.  With that being said...here I am "doing it".  My sister-in-law gave me a book about 5 years ago to write all of the precious moments that happen with my 1st baby girl (I didn't have a 2nd one yet) and I love that little book. I don't always keep it up to date but I have always made sure to write about every one of Kaylie's birthday's and some other cute misc. things when I have a chance. I hope to use this blog in similar fashion as my butterfly book. An example (and what might have started the idea of the book) when Kaylie was about 2 years old we bought frozen push popsicles for her and she LOVED them as most 2-year olds do but the cutest thing was that she would say, "Can I have a popi - sicle" with heavy emphasis on the "popi" part.  It was just the cutest darn thing and I never wanted to forget her saying that. 

Today I am turning over a new leaf - I am joining the 21st Century for myself and the ONeal family by writing this blog.  I can continue to save all those cute little memories with the blog and share them too (bonus)!  Since I am old fashioned I will continue writing in my book because there's something special about the book and the thought of one day my girls and I sitting and reading it together.  You know like they used to do WAY BACK IN THE DAY.  ;)

As I am new to the whole blogging world please give me a little time to learn the tricks of the trade and I promise I will get better as time goes on.