Friday, January 20, 2012

Monster High

Do you know what a Monster High doll is?  They are very popular dolls for girls ages 6-10. They are very similar to Bratz dolls - you know the trashy, way too much make-up, practically naked ones, but Monster High dolls are vampires and werewolf's (see pic). I really hate toy companies sometimes...I mean seriously who comes up with dolls like this for little girls to play with?  I think it's someone that secretly works for the devil.
(Kaylie was so excited I was taking a pic of her 2 favorite girls - she even made me wait so she could get them in good poses)

Anyway, Kaylie LOVES these dolls.  Bryan actually bought her the 1st doll like 2 years ago from Justice (girls clothing store) the point is Bryan bought it and I would not have.  Which is odd because Bryan is like most Daddy's and doesn't want Kaylie to EVER (as in EVER) wear make-up or dress inappropriately or even date a boy for that matter!  So it's weird that he did buy her the 1st doll, but I imagine Kaylie really wanted it and he didn't want to disappoint her so he said okay.  Obviously, once she got the 1st doll it became very difficult to tell her no to more. 

So the other day Kaylie was telling me a couple of her girlfriends at school are NOT allowed to have these dolls.  Of course I totally understand why and tried to explain to her the reasoning - but I'm sure everything I said went in one ear and out the other. Then last night when I got home Bryan was there but not Kaylie. She was at her friends house playing.  Okay - no problem, great.  Well when she got home she had all her dolls and their caskets and dead girl stuff that comes with them.  I was like OMG...did you take those to your friends house???  She was all happy and like "YEA, my friends love them and since they can't have them I let them play with mine."  SOOOO - now I'm sure I look like the Mom that is okay with these trashy dolls and I'm really not. 

Oh is what it is and anyone that knows us knows that we try our best to teach her right from wrong and how to act like a lady.  And the reality is before we know it the "Monster High" dolls will mean nothing to her (or anyone else for that matter).  Here's hoping it will come sooner than later!


  1. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wow great parenting! LOL J/K This is hilarious because I know for a fact that my daughter was at the same playdate :) Parker always asks for these and I just have to say "ask Daddy" cause I'm OBSESSED with Vampires and would totally let her get one. SHHH...Don't tell Keith!
    This will be a great test...I'm going to see if she mentions them after school today when I ask about what they did at the playdate :)

  2. Hahahahaha!! LOL...I actually wrote this with Parker in mind b/c I kept thinking she would go home and tell you Kaylie has them and she wants one and so on and so forth! I guess it's a good sign she didn't say anything last night. :) I wonder what Stacy thinks!!