Friday, January 27, 2012

No Fun

Thursday morning started off early - as in 3:45am early.  Kaylie crawled into our bed around 3am, which is not abnormal, what was abnormal was the noise she started to make around 3:45am.  It's the dreaded noise of someone about to puke.  Of course, she did throw-up all in OUR bed before making it to the bathroom.  Why couldn't she have just done it in her bed and then come into our bed??  Anyway, it was a rough day.  She pretty much threw-up consecutively all morning.  Just when I would think maybe she was okay....I would hear that dreaded noise.  I kept Kelly home with me too and that made it even harder to tend to Kaylie because I had to tend to Kelly too.  Plus, I had to try and keep them separated as much as possible.  I set Kaylie up on the big chair in the living room, with a trash can next to her all day.  Poor baby, you know Kaylie is sick when she doesn't move all day and she literally stayed on that chair all day. Around 2pm she was finally able to keep some 7 Up down and managed to eat a cracker or two.  My Dad brought Gatorade over around 3ish and she was able to drink that too.  Let's just pray it started with Kaylie and ends with Kaylie!!  Fingers crossed.
My Poor Baby!

Kelly was of course as happy as can be...however the rolling over thing is cute but exhausting.  She rolls over and then gets so mad b/c she can't get back.  I'm looking forward to her being able to go back and forth...although that will bring about a whole new set of issues!  She will then be rolling all over the house! Cute but Scary!
 Happy - yea I rolled over!
Starting to get mad.

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  1. Awww...POOR Kaylie!! I hope she feels better soon :(