Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

Today wasn't actually that much fun so the title is a lie.  But this weekend was a good one, minus the Texans losing today.  Boooo!  Anyway, Friday night Kaylie's basketball team won.  Saturday they lost. It was so pretty outside after the game she spent the whole day outside playing with the neighbors kids.  It's nice to finally live somewhere that Kaylie can run outside and play.  Around 5pm, I took Kell's Bell's to Grandma and Grandpa's and then Bryan and I got ready to go out.  We dropped Kaylie off at her friend's house and went to Salt Grass for dinner it was good and Salt Grass is a fav of Bryan's.  We did eat way too much food as usual.  Afterwards, we went to a "new bar" in Cypress called Lucky's.  I say "new bar" b/c my friend Tina laughed at me when I called it "new"...apparently there is a Lucky's downtown or in the heights but I'm not in the going-out loop hence not being aware of this.  Oh well.  The Lucky's in Cypress was packed...we had to park at Buc-ee's gas station it was so packed.  Once inside we did get good seats though right at the bar and in front of the TV so that was nice.  We watched Denver get killed by New England.  Boooo, again!!  That's it for our weekend now it's time to get ready for another hectic week.  

Kelly is about to roll-over she's so close...she has actually done it once but not again.
 Kaylie and Kelly in their matching shirts from the Houston Boat Show - Thanks Grandpa!
 Kelly and her sweet smile.
 Bryan and I about to go out.  :)

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