Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning Kaylie had a basketball game and they won and she played really well!  She actually got hit in the face with the ball (hard) and the she shook-it-off like a champ.  The referee even held up her arm and announced to everyone, "this is the toughest girl"!  Kaylie was really proud of that moment and we were too. Then in the afternoon she had "try-outs" for softball.  Yes, people I said "try-outs" for 2nd grade girls wanting to play softball.  It's not like they don't put everyone on a team which is why I found it odd that they called it try-outs.  I don't know, maybe I'm being weird about it because this is Kaylie's 1st year and like any parent you want your child to do well and feel comfortable.  Kaylie has always been in dance (since 3 years old) and she's very girlie, this is the 1st year she's been in sports.  Expect for one year we tried soccer and that was a horrible experience. We will see how this softball season goes and maybe get back into dance in the summer.  Below is a pick of the girls on the field getting ready for the "try-outs" to start.  Kaylie was all the way in the back so you can't even really see her. 

Kell'sBell's waiting for the try-outs to start!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day.  We slept in and then the whole family loaded up and took Coby to the dog park.  In the afternoon Bryan BBQ and while Kelly napped we all hung out, outside.  It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon and so pretty outside! 

Kaylie enjoying the weather and the set-up she made for herself.  She loves to read!

Bryan's garden

We now have an avocado tree and an orange tree.

Bryan and the dog - this pic is classic Bryan.
Me and KK!

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