Friday, January 13, 2012


Okay, so I officially turned down the job I interviewed for on Tuesday.  I felt bad telling the manager because she seemed like a very nice lady, but I do feel it was the right decision for myself.  At this point in my life having 2 kids one of which only being 4 months old I need flexibility.  I definitely have flexibility where I am at and even though I'm not "in-love" with what I am doing and I don't feel I'm in a "moving-on-up-in-the-world" position other things are more important right now.  Plus, I really like everyone I work with and that can make or break a job.  So that's that - no more worrying about a new job (for now at least!). 

Tonight Kaylie has a basketball game at 6pm and then basketball pictures Saturday morning at 8:45am and THEN another basketball game at 10am.  So the family will have a bit of running around tonight and tomorrow but then Saturday night should be fun.  Bryan and I are both looking forward to it!

p.s. Bryan is getting a new BBQ pit for his bday, like a real BBQ pit. Not one from Lowes or Home Depot (not sure why those ones aren't sufficient but apparently they aren't) and just a little head's-up for anyone not knowing about BBQ pits (like me) they are not CHEAP!  But anyone that knows Bryan knows that when Bryan really wants something he will do anything to make it happen.  Sometimes I love that about him and sometimes I hate it!

Below are some random pics for your enjoyment.

 Kelly in the morning - I think the flash frightened her!
 Kaylie Christmas morning, look at her socks! :)
 Kelly Christmas Eve - I wish I had a better pic she looked so cute!!
 Kaylie 1st day of 2nd Grade
Kelly at the sitter's doing Tummy-Time! They email me pics during the day so I can see what she is doing, isn't that awesome!

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