Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm so happy summer time is here.  It doesn't really change that much for me because I still have to go to work everyday but it just means a much slower pace for everything & everyone in general.  I don't feel as rushed in the morning b/c traffic is lighter.  Kaylie doesn't have a million activities going on everyday of the week on top of homework and school responsibilities so it just means we can all relax a little.  Case in point last night!  Bryan cooked dinner (which was a lovely surprise), Kaylie had Stella over to play, Kelly took a little 30 min. power nap and then woke up and ate.  I cleaned up the kitchen and then we went for some wagon time on the cul-da-sac.  It was such a chill evening with no crazy running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Come on with it Summer Time!
 Kaylie might be a little big for this wagon but Kelly needs a riding partner.  ;)
 We have so many tomatoes...there are more in the fridge.  I have to give some to my coworkers ASAP!
 Check out that Italian Zucchini! 
Ohhh...Coby boy you look so sweet and innocent in this pic....if only that were true.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Party Nails

We had a great weekend and some wonderful, relaxing family time together.  I was sick all weekend which kinda of sucked but either way it was still nice to be home and all together.  We hung out with my parents and swam in their pool mostly.  Kaylie enjoyed time with Grandma, Grandpa & Grandma Jo and was able to go to the museum and a movie.  Me, Bryan and Kelly went to Sears and purchased a new washing machine and dryer.  Which I am loving!  I temporarily don't mind doing laundry.  ;)  Memorial Day was spent in the pool with the whole family - Kelly Belly included.  She is a great baby and just loves more than anything to be around her big sister. Kaylie pulls her around the pool calling herself "The Tour Guide", it's super cute.  After dinner Kaylie and I wanted to try the new nail stuff that you peel and stick onto your nails and it really worked and turned out super cute.  I only bought one box but it was enough to do Kaylie's nails and my nails.  Kaylie picked out the design and next time it's my pick but I think they are a great little invention!  Check em' out.

Back to Work

It's so hard to come back to work after spending extra time with the family.  Kelly belly is all over the place.  She is hard to keep up with but so much fun!  She is standing and already trying to take steps. 
Look at that baby!!  How cute is this pic!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Yea for today, for starters it's my birthday!!  Although, I think I am getting whatever Kelly Belly has been sick with.  :(  I felt terrible last night and today I have a cough from hell.  But I'm going to pretend I feel good b/c it is my birthday and I'm only working half day.  I'm meeting my friend Danielle for lunch at Yard House in City Center and then I'm going to get a mani/pedi.  I was going to get a massage but b/c I HAVE to get a "prenatal" massage (so dumb) it costs twice as much so I said forget it.  I will go after I have the baby I'm sure I will need it more then anyway.  Bryan's truck is supposed to be ready today.  I'm not holding my breath though b/c they have been telling me that for two weeks now.  It's officially over 1 whole month the truck has been in repair and just under $9K!  We had dinner with my family last night for my bday and that was nice.  I got some good gifts and money so all is right with the world (for today at least).  ;) 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kell's Bells 1st Time Swimming

Despite not feeling well Kelly Belly went swimming for the 1st time this weekend.  She seemed to enjoy it although she wasn't feeling good so I think the next time she goes in she will LOVE it!!  :0

Kelly and Daddy hanging out.  She's doing really well with her sippy cups now!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ear Infection Update

I ran Kelly to the Dr. and turns out my "Mother's Intuition" was wrong...she doesn't have an ear infection. Yeay....I'm going to take that as really good news for now.  Although, she is sick he thinks it's just a viral infection and needs to run it's course.  As long as she is better by Wed/Thurs- ish we should be good.  Otherwise we have to run lab work for a bacterial infection.  Booooo!!!

A couple other things:  Kaylie's hamster Holly died last week.  It was super sad (for Kaylie, not me and Bryan so much b/c we really took care of the mean little rodent) but we made Bryan dig a hole and put her in the back yard.  Kaylie and I said a little prayer and wished Holly good luck in Hamster heaven.  We know she will do well there. 

Kelly got a new "big girl" car seat and seems to REALLY like it.  She looks like she is riding in a Cadillac now or something!  It's still rear facing but much bigger and will work for the next 3 stages of car seats.  Also, she is now officially pulling up on the coffee table, chairs, walls, drawers and standing up looking at the world.  I'm pretty sure she will be walking soon.  Ohhhh Lord please help me through the next couple of years.  ;)

Ear Infections - BLAH!!!

Kelly belly is sick again....this time she has run a fever (102) for two days straight.  Poor baby!!  I know she doesn't feel good when her little eyes get that look, plus the temp on top of it.  I'm positive it's another ear infection so I'm pretty sure we will need to see an ENT specialist now. Whatever we need to do I will do, I just want my baby to be all better.  :( 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday - Random iphone pics

So - I was bored at work and stared going through my iphone pics and it turns out I have 180!!  Below are some random pics I selected to post.  Some are almost 3 years old but still precious.  Enjoy!
 Me and Coby Boy when he was just a puppy. 
 Kaylie when she was missing her two front teeth. 
 Bryan and Kaylie at some furniture store a couple years ago.
 Kaylie with her 1st grade art teach (Mrs. Green -so nice!) with her art work selected for the Houston Rodeo.
 Bryan waiting to check out of a hotel on our 6 year anniversary.
 Kaylie with the Mayde Creek Elementary Alligator! 
 Kelly Madison only a couple days old.  (melts my heart)
 Kaylie --- being Kaylie!
 Kelly Belly. 
Pretty rainbow in my parents backyard. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pic of Kaylie in her Fashion Glasses

Aren't they cute??!   I guess if she ever has to wear glasses we know she looks super cute in them. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What Wednesday

One of my favorite bloggers does a "So What Wednesday" edition every Wed. and I always enjoy it, so this week I am coping her and doing it too.

So What If.....
  • I hate making my bed every morning but I still make myself do it unless I am running super late, then I let it go.
  • I let Kaylie wear fake glass - we call them fashion glasses.
  • I am wearing flip-flops at work today.  I brought cute black sandals with a heel in the car and only intended to wear the flip-flops while driving to work...but then said F-it and kept them on all day.
  • Instead of working I'm typing this blog.
  • I plan to order pizza tonight instead of cooking dinner b/c I am feeling really lazy!
Thanks for the idea! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New "Fake" Reading Glasses

Kaylie is hilarious...she wanted glasses as in reading glasses even though she has 20/20 vision.  I remember thinking glasses looked cool too and wanting a pair just as bad so we went to Claire's and sure enough they had a whole spinning rack full of fake glasses.  Kaylie picked out a super cute pair and has been sporting them everyday.  When I say everyday I mean like every minute of the day...if she is awake (and not in a pool or bath) she is wearing them.  I will have to take a picture and post on here b/c they are super cute and its just funny to see her wearing them everyday.  Well this morning she took the glasses off so I could put her hair up and she left them on the bathroom counter.  When we got to school she was so sad.  She actually started crying.  I did something so ridiculous, I told her to get back in the car and we went home and got them.  It's not like we live far from the school (one street to be exact) but it's just the point that I actually took her home to get her fake glasses.  It's not like she wouldn't be able to see all day!!   

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was probably one of the best Mother's Day's I have had in a long time.  Bryan and Kaylie were so extra nice to me and that is all that I really wanted.  They both made me breakfast in bed (which I choose to eat at the kitchen table) and it was yummy - orange juice, eggs & english muffin with homemade strawberry jam made by Grandpa O'Neal.  Then Bryan's Mom stopped by and she had pretty earrings for Kaylie and we gave our Mother's Day gifts to her.  Later in the day we went to my parents to see my Mom and Grandma Jo. We had dinner and just hung out.  It was a perfect Mother's Day and a great way to end the weekend.  Here's some pics of Kelly Belly and her "new fav" thing to do! 

Kaylie's 1st Holy Communion

Kaylie (and the family) celebrated her 1st Holy Communion.  The day went off without a hitch and she looked so pretty.  My little baby is growing up so fast!! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Cute

When I was leaving my parents house yesterday Hans (their dog) was waiting on the golf cart to go for a ride.  Isn't this the cutest thing ever!  He rides around with my Dad like this.  LOL!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

17 Weeks

I keep forgetting to post this but today I actually remembered!  Babycenter sends me a weekly update on the baby and this week the baby is about the size of an avocado! ;)  I'll try to remember to post these every now and then....

Hump Day

Yay - half way thru the week!! I can scratch a couple things off my to-do list now too.  :)

Monday night walk-thru rehearsal for Kaylie's Holy Communion
Tuesday Dr.'s appt.
Tuesday night softball game
Mom's mother's day gift, thanks to my brother! 
Jerri's mother's day gift
My dress for Holy Communion
Bryan's dry cleaning

There is still a lot more on the list (more than is off the list) but at least the list is starting to look a lot shorter!  I really feel like I don't have time to work anymore which is a double edge sword b/c we need my income but Good LORD I have no clue how I will manage when I have 3 kids and have to work full time.  My life is just so different from a stay at home mom.  Not saying stay at home moms have it all easy-peasy but it's just a completely different life. I know this 1st hand from being home on maternity leave.  My life was just so much less stressful, less crazy, less panicking, less running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  At this point I have no choice but to try and keep it all together but I'm just not sure how things will change (or need to change) after baby #3!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday was not the greatest day.  Actually it was pretty crappy.  In the morning we had Holy Communion Rehearsal and for whatever reason Kaylie was terrible.  She was rude and disrespectful to me and it completely through-off the whole day.  We left the rehearsal with me giving her a piece of my mind which then made her pouty.  It was not the time to be pouty because we had to race home and get ready for her softball game.  We were already running late to the game and the arguing just continued.  Kelly was fussy.  Bryan was aggravated.  I was pissed-off and Kaylie was being dramatic.  She didn't have a very good game and I'm positive all the morning drama didn't help. 

Then we get home and Bryan goes outside to do yard work, I laid Kelly down for a nap and started to clean.  I asked Kaylie to dust the tables for me -- well instead of grabbing Pledge she grabbed Goof-Off and sprayed it all over our less than a year old coffee table!!!  The coffee table is completely ruined.  I seriously cried.  I know it was an accident but the bottom line is that Kaylie was not wanting to help, was in a hurry, not paying attention and in a blink of an eye destroyed a whole coffee table/end table set that we JUST bought in September.  Not to mention we have a house full of people coming over this Saturday. 

After the Goof-Off nightmare we rushed (again that day, rushing-rushing all day) to get ready to go to Nana & Pop's for dinner. Bryan told me dinner was at 5:30 so we HAD to get there at 5pm so we hurry-hurried and got there only to NOT be eating until 7pm.  If I didn't have an 8-month old baby (who by the way was fussy all day) and have a horrible day on top of it I probably wouldn't have cared but it was just one more thing on top of everything else.  So while Bryan ate I walked Kelly around outside and really just wanted to go home and cry.  By the time Bryan was done eating and could take Kelly I wasn't even hungry I just wanted to go home and go to sleep.  The icing on the cake was that by the time we left Kelly was so exhausted she passed out in her car seat which made for a horrible bedtime routine.  She cried when we got home and woke her up from her car seat, she cried in her bath, she cried while I changed her, and then she cried off and on all night.  On Sunday I finally realized she is getting both her front teeth.  One has already cut through the gums and the 2nd one is on the way.  Poor baby!!  I gave her Tylenol last night to help her sleep and it seemed to help (her and me). 

In other news my Grandmother is here safe and sound for Kaylie's Holy Communion so that is really great.  I just pray I can make it through this week.  I am feeling very stressed & overwhelmed with everything going on.  I think some of my coping skills have gone out the window with this pregnancy.  My plate right now feels like it is not only overflowing but more than have the stuff on it is falling on the floor. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fun

First and foremost we heard back about the truck and they are going to repair it.  This is good but can also be bad.  They for sure know there is frame damage so Bryan's concern is that the truck will forever be a problem but all we can do is hope it will be okay.  Who knows how long this will take and honestly I don't really care as long as I'm not paying for the rental and the truck is fixed right.  Next, Kaylie's Holy Communion is stressing me out.  I can't find a veil for the life of me and if I order one online the shipping is as much as the veil which in total is more than I paid for her dress. WTH??   I'm so annoyed.  I know what she wears is NOT the meaning of the day or ceremony but it is mucho important.  If your not Catholic you may never understand.  Anyway...this weekend is packed (again) Holy Communion Rehearsal, softball game, practices, Grandmother in town, dinner for Cyndi & Nana's bday's.  Ahhhhh -  the fun never stops.  :)  People keep telling me to enjoy this time b/c one day everything will slow down and I will miss the running around.  Time will tell. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kaylie's First Holy Communion

Kaylie's 1st Holy Communion is only 1 week away and I am so busy at work (and at home) it's hard to plan anything!  I have her dress but not her veil and she needs fancy white dress shoes.  Thank GOD I have my lunch break to run errands otherwise I have no clue how I would get anything done.  My Grandmother comes to town on Saturday for the special occasion so that is exciting.  Kaylie loves her Grandma Jo!  Plus, she hasn't met Kelly belly yet.  :)  It should be good fun and I'm excited for Kaylie.  She is going to look like a princess. In other news we still haven't heard back about the truck and it's driving me crazy.  Please insurance company call today and tell me something!!! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Our garage refrigerator stopped working yesterday...but Bryan being the handy man he is was able to pull it apart and buy the part needed and get it working again.  Ya, go Bryan!  I really am impressed. Kelly belly is like a crawling machine.  It's so cute but also makes her much harder to manage.  I'm missing plopping her in a chair or bouncy and being able to do other things.  Now she gets mad if you try and make her sit still.  So I let her crawl and spread her wings but then she ends up near the fire place or off somewhere she shouldn't be.  Soooo - needless to say I have my hands full and it's just the beginning.  Kaylie has field day today so last night we made her a field day shirt.  It's weird b/c nowadays they don't do shirts like we used to.  I remember using puff paint to write our class name and my mom and I tye-dying it.  Then the funnest part was at the end of field day everyone signing the back of each others shirts.  Ahhhh...the good ole' days. 

Last is a pic of some of the peppers from the garden and the 1st Italian Zucchini.