Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kaylie's First Holy Communion

Kaylie's 1st Holy Communion is only 1 week away and I am so busy at work (and at home) it's hard to plan anything!  I have her dress but not her veil and she needs fancy white dress shoes.  Thank GOD I have my lunch break to run errands otherwise I have no clue how I would get anything done.  My Grandmother comes to town on Saturday for the special occasion so that is exciting.  Kaylie loves her Grandma Jo!  Plus, she hasn't met Kelly belly yet.  :)  It should be good fun and I'm excited for Kaylie.  She is going to look like a princess. In other news we still haven't heard back about the truck and it's driving me crazy.  Please insurance company call today and tell me something!!! 

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