Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Pics of Kelly

Below are some pics from this weekend of the Kellsters!  She is getting her 1st tooth!!  It's coming in on the bottom (I think the 1st ones always do) and it's already threw the gums!  :) 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Morning Drop-Off

Something terrible almost happened this morning to Kaylie and it has literally made me sick all morning.  I keep replaying the image in my mind and I just want to point out to others the importance of being so careful when your children exit vehicles. 

I pulled into the school this morning to drop Kaylie off for school and there were 3 cars in front of me and at least 1 behind me.  Kaylie quickly jumped out of the truck with her backpack on and her drink and waffles in her hand.  She shut the door and I started to pull up (only for a second) but looked in the side mirror and didn't see her so I  immediately stopped.  All of the sudden I saw her pop up next to the truck, I said, "what are you doing?"  And she said, "MOMMY  - I dropped my Capri Sun under the truck and went to pick it up and you moved!!"  I almost died!!  I told her please don't ever go under any vehicle when it is turned on no matter what!!  I told her I loved her and she went into school but I have not been able to stop thinking about it.  Let this be a lesson to myself and everyone about the importance of being so careful with our babies.  Thank GOD I stopped, I seriously thanked GOD the whole way to work.  Okay - I'm going to try and stop thinking about it for now...but tonight I'm going to have a talk with Kaylie again about the importance of her being safe around vehicles.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Update

Friday night Kaylie had her 2nd to last basketball game and she played so well!  She scored her first basket and we all yelled so loud for her!!  It was so awesome to see her smile running down the court.  They won their game and as per Bryan and Kaylie's usual they wanted to go out to dinner.  I am not a fan of Friday night dinners with a 5 month old.  It's a hit or miss with a baby at 7- 7:30 at night after a long week (and ear infection), but I said okay.  So we headed to Alicia's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Kell's Bells slept through the whole dinner so that was great.  I was able to enjoy two margaritas and Bryan and I talked with Kaylie about how awesome she played and all the improvements she has made this season. 

As we finished up dinner Kaylie and I headed to the front of the restaurant while Bryan got the baby and followed behind us.  As Kaylie and I worked our way through the crowd I walked straight into Gary Kubiak.  I was a little bit in shock and for whatever reason my mind went blank on his I said, OMG your the Texan's football coach!!"  He smiled and said, "Yes, I am".  Then he walked past me toward the men's restroom or possibly a private room.  In the mean time I jumped up and down and yelled to Bryan, OMG - look its the Texan's football coach - still not saying his name.  Bryan only managed to see him from the back, he wasn't too happy with me and the whole night him and Kaylie made fun of me for saying, OMG your the Texan's football coach.  LOL.  Of course afterwards I was like, why didn't I say, Hey Coach Kubiak - great season or Hi Coach Kubiak, great job, or something like that? What was wrong with me?  Maybe those 2 margaritas didn't help.  Anyway, that was our Friday night excitement. 

Saturday morning Kaylie had her last basketball game, and even though they lost all of the girls played great.  Kaylie scored another basket and grandma and grandpa were able to see it too! 

Kelly Belly has been sick all weekend with a cold and she is all stuffed up, she ran her first real fever and we have been giving her Tylenol/Motrin off & on since Saturday morning.  Poor baby, it seems like she has been sick since December.  I just want her healthy and happy again. 

Kaylie has her end of basketball party today at 3pm at the coaches house.  She actually seems more excited about the trophy than anything else.  At the last game the coach asked all the girls, "raise your hand if you want to play Basketball again!!!" All of the girls raised their hands except Kaylie!!  I had to put it up for her.  Uhhhh....whatever - she was good at it and we enjoyed it so next season she will play again. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NYC Photos

Hotel Pics
Times Square Pics
Empire State Building - it was just starting to snow - so pretty!
New World Trade Center Building, Building 1 of 2
Valentine's Day Pics

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back in H-Town

Okay, so we made it back to wonderful Houston on Sunday afternoon and both Bryan and I were so happy to be home.  I unfortunately, was sick all day Sunday which was no fun while flying.  Kelly belly kept my Mom up almost all night Saturday night crying so I knew she had another ear infection.  Sooo - Monday I took off work and 1st took Kell's Bell's to the Dr. and sure enough her left ear has an infection.  Then I went to the Dr. and I have a sinus infection (from hell) so both Kelly and I are on antibiotics and hopefully on the mend now.  I'm back at work today and Kell's is at the sitter.  Kaylie has her school Valentine's Day stuff going on but no party (what's up with that?).  Either way she was excited this morning. I will take some pics of her in her cute Vday shirt and the baby in her Vday outfit from Grandma & Grandpa. 

NYC was fun and we had a good time.  I have lots of pictures to post and will try and do that tonight or tomorrow.  Happy Valentines Day!

p.s. I forgot on my travel list I have been to Washington, D.C. and that was a fun trip.  Be careful walking on cobblestone streets in George Town if you have been drinking, LOL.  I actually stayed at the Mayflower Hotel which is the special hotel where the "high" dollar escorts work for our politicians. ;) 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Big Apple

Bryan and I leave tomorrow morning for NYC.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.  I am leaving my two babies and even though they will be with the next best thing to Bryan and I (my sweet Mom & Dad) it's still hard to leave them.  BUT it's just for the weekend so everything will be fine! 

I was thinking about all of the places I have been and the places Bryan and I have been together.  I used to be a flight attendant for Continental so I have been to almost every airport in the US but the list below is cities I have really visited, not just their aiports.
  • Perth, Australia - Bryan and I went together and this is the furthest place we have been from home, it was hard at the time b/c Kaylie was only 2 years old or so and we were gone for a long time.  I had to work at a conference for 4 days and then we stayed an extra 4 days to sight-see.  It was really an experience, and we saw so many things b/c of my work.  We ate Kangaroo (I actually liked it, Bryan hated it), went to Rottnest Island, Cottelsloe Beach, Perth Mint Tour, Swan River Boat Tour, held a Koloa Bear and so much more.  Unfortunately, I lost all of the pictures from this trip and to this day Bryan still gets mad at me about that.  The downside to it was it was so far to travel, and flying economy for over 24hrs is NOT fun.
  • San Fransisco -I've been twice, once with Bryan and we had fun...went to fisherman's wharf, drank beer, walked around had a good time.  I was by myself there for 4 days when I was flying and it was over 4th of July weekend.  It was so fun and awesome to see the fireworks show over the bay.  BUT a word to the wise if you go to San Fran in July take winter clothes, no joke it's like 60 degrees outside or colder
  • Philadelphia - Awww, the city of brotherly love.  Bryan and I went together when I worked for CO for a weekend and it was fun.  We saw the liberty bell and toured Thomas Jefferson's old house, also drank a lot of beer a local bars.  People were nice to us  - good experience.
  • New Orleans - good times we were young and free and partied probably too hard.
These places I went by myself:
  • Los Angeles - I did get to fly there 1st class which was nice, but once I got there CO "forgot" about me and it was horrible!  I was broke and couldn't do much of anything.  The Laker's won the NBA championship that year and let's just say the hotel I was at was not a good place for a little blond-haired white girl to be.
  • Miami - I know a lot of people love Miami but I wasn't a fan, the Latino/Cuban/Puerto Rican theme is just not me.  The water was pretty and I had fun but don't care to go back.
  • Boston - I really enjoyed, but I was there in the summer and I've heard the winter is terrible. I had fun though and the people were all super nice.  I saw the Cheer's Bar...which looks nothing like the Cheer's bar from the TV show, but supposedly that was what the show was based on.  It was a cool place.
  • Oakland, CA - uggghhh - so gross.  I hated it there.  Sorry but it was terrible, I felt like I was in the ghetto everywhere I went.  And I'm sure somewhere within the whole city there are nice places, I just didn't find any.
  • Phoenix - it was like 112 when I went there and everyone was all telling me, yes but it's a dry and heat and won't feel like 112. Whatever!  It was 112 and felt like 112, but their mall was nice.
  • Ontario, CA - SOOOO pretty.  I wish I had, had at the time more money and more time there because it was such pretty city. 
  • Cleveland - well...not too much to say I did have fun there b/c my flight attendant roommate was living there but I can't say I remember the city for anything in particular.
  • Newark, NJ (Hoboken) - funfunfun city.  My old CO classmates lived there and it was just a fun, young city to live in and go out and party.
  • Buffalo, NY - I've been here with my family many times since this is where my whole family is from and while I can't really remember much about the city I do know Niagara Falls is really something to see. 
So now we will add New York City to the list.  Hopefully, we don't freeze to death trying to see it all!  ;-) Please be thinking happy-safe thoughts for us as we travel. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1st Night of Softball Practice- Not!

For starters Kaylie's team name is the Owls.  Okay, so tonight was supposed to be the 1st night of softball practice.  I wasn't sure exactly where the practice field was in the neighborhood so I texted Erin and she texted back directions.  I forwarded to Bryan and he picked Kaylie up and got her ready and to practice on time (5pm).  I showed up with the baby around 5:20 and immediately I said to Bryan, "how old are these girls? Kaylie looks really big!".  Bryan was like, "I don't know??".  So anyway, I had to leave to get the baby home and fed and dinner started and when Bryan and Kaylie got home, Bryan said the coach said "GO SUN DEVILS" at the end of practice.  I was like UMMMM....thats NOT their name they are the OWLS?? Then Kaylie says and most of those girls were in kinder or 1st grade.  I'm all like....BRYAN that was not her practice!!! SOOOO - Kaylie just went to practice with not only the wrong team but the wrong age group altogether.  It was a pretty good laugh by all of us, especially me and Bryan.  That's what we get for having Kaylie miss CCE for softball.  Oh well, Kaylie needed that practice. ;-) 

Also,  our neighbor stopped by and I just want to say we seriously have the best neighbors.  All of them are super nice, but this one neighbor in particular is the BEST.  She brought us a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" card with sugar cookies when we first moved in - so sweet!!  AND she is a pediatric nurse so she brings us all kinds of good stuff for the kids.  Today was the best though...she brought us 6 containers of Nutramigen Formula.  In case you don't know that is the formula Kelly drinks and of course it just so happens to be one of the most expensive formulas a baby can be on.  We seriously spend at least $70 a week on formula, it sucks!  So this little visit today was so extra nice of our neighbor.  I stacked the cans and put the medicine she has given us in a nice little row and took a pic for all to see. 

Thanks awesome neighbor!!!

Kelly is starting to grab her feet! 

And pull her socks off!

5 Months Old

My baby is 5 months old today!  How fast does time go by??  Way too fast that's how fast.  I want to enjoy every moment with Kelly and Kaylie because life just does not slow down for anyone.  A couple things about my big 5 month old baby girl, last night she rolled over in her crib and was sleeping on her belly.  Her little butt was all pushed up and her face was turned with her thumb right where it should be -- in her mouth, of course!!  :) It does freak me out a little that she can do this but I suppose I can't stop her or control it so I will just have to keep an eye on the video monitor more than normal.  She's such a happy baby always smiling and now when you give her kisses on her neck she laughs so hard....its the cutest thing in the world.  It makes my heart melt!  Below are a few pics from this morning.  I made Kaylie hold her which is funny in itself because Kelly is so big now and hard for Kaylie to hold standing up.  See below:
1st pic - started okay but the dog was in the picture...

2nd pic - I'm making funny faces so Kelly will smile but Kaylie is the only one laughing at me.

3rd pic - I'm still trying to get Kelly to smile but Kaylie is laughing at me and telling me I'm crazy.

4th pic - okay Kaylie was about to drop Kelly so that was the end of morning pics!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Missed Weekend

Saturday morning Kaylie had a basketball game, as we all got ready to go Bryan suddenly felt sick.  Oh yes, he did...he got the dreaded stomach virus.  Okay, so it has officially ran through every family member in our house.  I have cleaned every inch of our house, I have used Lysol and bleach and I don't know what else to do?  It better be gone!  So Bryan missed Kaylie's basketball game, (by the way they won, again) we missed going out with Tina and her crew on Saturday night and we missed going to any Superbowl parties.  It was a pretty lonely weekend.  I keep telling Bryan we will make up for missing out on this past weekend next weekend in the BIG APPLE. many of you know Bryan is not thrilled about going to NYC in Feb. but whatever!!  I'm going to drag him everywhere I want to go and he is going to smile and like it b/c that's what husband's do for their wives.  :-)

p.s. Kaylie had a great weekend b/c she spent Saturday with Blake at Grandma & Grandpa's.  They went to the movies and out to dinner and my parents bought her another Monster High Doll.  Also - Kelly had a good weekend too and even though Bryan was locked in the master bedroom and I was by myself in the house I had Kelly-Belly and she is so much fun to be with so in all reality it wasn't that bad of a weekend. 

Friday, February 3, 2012


For starters today was kind of a rough day for me.  I was extremely weak but managed to go to work and make it through the day.  I was finally able to eat so that has made me feel better.  I keep hoping/praying Kelly and Bryan don't get the Evil Stomach Virus! 

Bryan went to pick up Kaylie from school today and he said it was the saddest thing ever.  Immediately she came running out to him crying hysterically.  He hadn't even signed her out yet...he was like OMG, whats wrong???!!  And she was like one of my friends told my "crush" that I liked him and he announced it in the after school class.  She said she told him, "NO - I don't" and he was like "yea- right that's not what so and so said".  Kaylie was so embarrassed and hurt that her friend told him she started crying in front of everyone.  :(

Bryan being her Daddy and not really knowing what to say or do just hugged her and promptly bought her a new Monster High doll (yes another one of those!).  Then he called me and let her tell me what happened.  It was sad but I explained to her that her "crush" is so not worthy of her liking him.  AND that more than likely that boy will be a loser in a few years (I actually met his Mom and Dad once and they seem like really nice people, but whatever a Mom's gotta say what a Mom's gotta say!)

It's so weird that we are having these conversations but she is almost 8 and I fear this is just the beginning of all the girl drama that comes with being a girl.  And we now have 2 girls!!  LOL....I wouldn't want it any other way though.  Except maybe 1 little boy for Bryan so he's not so out numbered.  Time will's too hard to think of more babies with a 5 month old right now. Although, Bryan is already planning! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Go Away Stomach Virus

I woke up this morning feeling a little strange and slightly nauseous, but I tried my hardest to ignore how I was feeling.  I got the girls ready and pushed on through my morning.  When I got to work I still wasn't feeling very well but we had a new manager start today and a meeting promptly at 8am.  After the meeting a few different times I thought I was going to throw up but was still in denial.  Finally around noon I got up to get the mail and almost lost my stomach in the hall.  Sooooo - that was the beginning of the end of me today.  I left work (without even telling any of my direct bosses) and drove home as FAST as I could. The rest of the day has been spent sick-sicker-sickest I have ever been.  Bryan had to really step it up because I was/am out of it.  The only positive thing (and it's NOT worth it) is that Bryan has a new found respect for everything I do in the evenings.  As I lay in bed (I still am even right now) Bryan is running around like a crazy man and Kaylie is not being much help.  She tries but let's just say I have heard a lot of yelling from my little cave.  I fear Bryan is next on the list of O'Neal's to get the virus and all I can say is - LORD help us b/c when Bryan gets sick he's worse than me and Kaylie combined.  GO away evil stomach virus!!!!