Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Big Apple

Bryan and I leave tomorrow morning for NYC.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.  I am leaving my two babies and even though they will be with the next best thing to Bryan and I (my sweet Mom & Dad) it's still hard to leave them.  BUT it's just for the weekend so everything will be fine! 

I was thinking about all of the places I have been and the places Bryan and I have been together.  I used to be a flight attendant for Continental so I have been to almost every airport in the US but the list below is cities I have really visited, not just their aiports.
  • Perth, Australia - Bryan and I went together and this is the furthest place we have been from home, it was hard at the time b/c Kaylie was only 2 years old or so and we were gone for a long time.  I had to work at a conference for 4 days and then we stayed an extra 4 days to sight-see.  It was really an experience, and we saw so many things b/c of my work.  We ate Kangaroo (I actually liked it, Bryan hated it), went to Rottnest Island, Cottelsloe Beach, Perth Mint Tour, Swan River Boat Tour, held a Koloa Bear and so much more.  Unfortunately, I lost all of the pictures from this trip and to this day Bryan still gets mad at me about that.  The downside to it was it was so far to travel, and flying economy for over 24hrs is NOT fun.
  • San Fransisco -I've been twice, once with Bryan and we had fun...went to fisherman's wharf, drank beer, walked around had a good time.  I was by myself there for 4 days when I was flying and it was over 4th of July weekend.  It was so fun and awesome to see the fireworks show over the bay.  BUT a word to the wise if you go to San Fran in July take winter clothes, no joke it's like 60 degrees outside or colder
  • Philadelphia - Awww, the city of brotherly love.  Bryan and I went together when I worked for CO for a weekend and it was fun.  We saw the liberty bell and toured Thomas Jefferson's old house, also drank a lot of beer a local bars.  People were nice to us  - good experience.
  • New Orleans - good times we were young and free and partied probably too hard.
These places I went by myself:
  • Los Angeles - I did get to fly there 1st class which was nice, but once I got there CO "forgot" about me and it was horrible!  I was broke and couldn't do much of anything.  The Laker's won the NBA championship that year and let's just say the hotel I was at was not a good place for a little blond-haired white girl to be.
  • Miami - I know a lot of people love Miami but I wasn't a fan, the Latino/Cuban/Puerto Rican theme is just not me.  The water was pretty and I had fun but don't care to go back.
  • Boston - I really enjoyed, but I was there in the summer and I've heard the winter is terrible. I had fun though and the people were all super nice.  I saw the Cheer's Bar...which looks nothing like the Cheer's bar from the TV show, but supposedly that was what the show was based on.  It was a cool place.
  • Oakland, CA - uggghhh - so gross.  I hated it there.  Sorry but it was terrible, I felt like I was in the ghetto everywhere I went.  And I'm sure somewhere within the whole city there are nice places, I just didn't find any.
  • Phoenix - it was like 112 when I went there and everyone was all telling me, yes but it's a dry and heat and won't feel like 112. Whatever!  It was 112 and felt like 112, but their mall was nice.
  • Ontario, CA - SOOOO pretty.  I wish I had, had at the time more money and more time there because it was such pretty city. 
  • Cleveland - well...not too much to say I did have fun there b/c my flight attendant roommate was living there but I can't say I remember the city for anything in particular.
  • Newark, NJ (Hoboken) - funfunfun city.  My old CO classmates lived there and it was just a fun, young city to live in and go out and party.
  • Buffalo, NY - I've been here with my family many times since this is where my whole family is from and while I can't really remember much about the city I do know Niagara Falls is really something to see. 
So now we will add New York City to the list.  Hopefully, we don't freeze to death trying to see it all!  ;-) Please be thinking happy-safe thoughts for us as we travel. 

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