Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1st Night of Softball Practice- Not!

For starters Kaylie's team name is the Owls.  Okay, so tonight was supposed to be the 1st night of softball practice.  I wasn't sure exactly where the practice field was in the neighborhood so I texted Erin and she texted back directions.  I forwarded to Bryan and he picked Kaylie up and got her ready and to practice on time (5pm).  I showed up with the baby around 5:20 and immediately I said to Bryan, "how old are these girls? Kaylie looks really big!".  Bryan was like, "I don't know??".  So anyway, I had to leave to get the baby home and fed and dinner started and when Bryan and Kaylie got home, Bryan said the coach said "GO SUN DEVILS" at the end of practice.  I was like UMMMM....thats NOT their name they are the OWLS?? Then Kaylie says and most of those girls were in kinder or 1st grade.  I'm all like....BRYAN that was not her practice!!! SOOOO - Kaylie just went to practice with not only the wrong team but the wrong age group altogether.  It was a pretty good laugh by all of us, especially me and Bryan.  That's what we get for having Kaylie miss CCE for softball.  Oh well, Kaylie needed that practice. ;-) 

Also,  our neighbor stopped by and I just want to say we seriously have the best neighbors.  All of them are super nice, but this one neighbor in particular is the BEST.  She brought us a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" card with sugar cookies when we first moved in - so sweet!!  AND she is a pediatric nurse so she brings us all kinds of good stuff for the kids.  Today was the best though...she brought us 6 containers of Nutramigen Formula.  In case you don't know that is the formula Kelly drinks and of course it just so happens to be one of the most expensive formulas a baby can be on.  We seriously spend at least $70 a week on formula, it sucks!  So this little visit today was so extra nice of our neighbor.  I stacked the cans and put the medicine she has given us in a nice little row and took a pic for all to see. 

Thanks awesome neighbor!!!

Kelly is starting to grab her feet! 

And pull her socks off!

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