Thursday, February 2, 2012

Go Away Stomach Virus

I woke up this morning feeling a little strange and slightly nauseous, but I tried my hardest to ignore how I was feeling.  I got the girls ready and pushed on through my morning.  When I got to work I still wasn't feeling very well but we had a new manager start today and a meeting promptly at 8am.  After the meeting a few different times I thought I was going to throw up but was still in denial.  Finally around noon I got up to get the mail and almost lost my stomach in the hall.  Sooooo - that was the beginning of the end of me today.  I left work (without even telling any of my direct bosses) and drove home as FAST as I could. The rest of the day has been spent sick-sicker-sickest I have ever been.  Bryan had to really step it up because I was/am out of it.  The only positive thing (and it's NOT worth it) is that Bryan has a new found respect for everything I do in the evenings.  As I lay in bed (I still am even right now) Bryan is running around like a crazy man and Kaylie is not being much help.  She tries but let's just say I have heard a lot of yelling from my little cave.  I fear Bryan is next on the list of O'Neal's to get the virus and all I can say is - LORD help us b/c when Bryan gets sick he's worse than me and Kaylie combined.  GO away evil stomach virus!!!!

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