Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Update

Friday night Kaylie had her 2nd to last basketball game and she played so well!  She scored her first basket and we all yelled so loud for her!!  It was so awesome to see her smile running down the court.  They won their game and as per Bryan and Kaylie's usual they wanted to go out to dinner.  I am not a fan of Friday night dinners with a 5 month old.  It's a hit or miss with a baby at 7- 7:30 at night after a long week (and ear infection), but I said okay.  So we headed to Alicia's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Kell's Bells slept through the whole dinner so that was great.  I was able to enjoy two margaritas and Bryan and I talked with Kaylie about how awesome she played and all the improvements she has made this season. 

As we finished up dinner Kaylie and I headed to the front of the restaurant while Bryan got the baby and followed behind us.  As Kaylie and I worked our way through the crowd I walked straight into Gary Kubiak.  I was a little bit in shock and for whatever reason my mind went blank on his I said, OMG your the Texan's football coach!!"  He smiled and said, "Yes, I am".  Then he walked past me toward the men's restroom or possibly a private room.  In the mean time I jumped up and down and yelled to Bryan, OMG - look its the Texan's football coach - still not saying his name.  Bryan only managed to see him from the back, he wasn't too happy with me and the whole night him and Kaylie made fun of me for saying, OMG your the Texan's football coach.  LOL.  Of course afterwards I was like, why didn't I say, Hey Coach Kubiak - great season or Hi Coach Kubiak, great job, or something like that? What was wrong with me?  Maybe those 2 margaritas didn't help.  Anyway, that was our Friday night excitement. 

Saturday morning Kaylie had her last basketball game, and even though they lost all of the girls played great.  Kaylie scored another basket and grandma and grandpa were able to see it too! 

Kelly Belly has been sick all weekend with a cold and she is all stuffed up, she ran her first real fever and we have been giving her Tylenol/Motrin off & on since Saturday morning.  Poor baby, it seems like she has been sick since December.  I just want her healthy and happy again. 

Kaylie has her end of basketball party today at 3pm at the coaches house.  She actually seems more excited about the trophy than anything else.  At the last game the coach asked all the girls, "raise your hand if you want to play Basketball again!!!" All of the girls raised their hands except Kaylie!!  I had to put it up for her.  Uhhhh....whatever - she was good at it and we enjoyed it so next season she will play again. 

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