Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Party Nails

We had a great weekend and some wonderful, relaxing family time together.  I was sick all weekend which kinda of sucked but either way it was still nice to be home and all together.  We hung out with my parents and swam in their pool mostly.  Kaylie enjoyed time with Grandma, Grandpa & Grandma Jo and was able to go to the museum and a movie.  Me, Bryan and Kelly went to Sears and purchased a new washing machine and dryer.  Which I am loving!  I temporarily don't mind doing laundry.  ;)  Memorial Day was spent in the pool with the whole family - Kelly Belly included.  She is a great baby and just loves more than anything to be around her big sister. Kaylie pulls her around the pool calling herself "The Tour Guide", it's super cute.  After dinner Kaylie and I wanted to try the new nail stuff that you peel and stick onto your nails and it really worked and turned out super cute.  I only bought one box but it was enough to do Kaylie's nails and my nails.  Kaylie picked out the design and next time it's my pick but I think they are a great little invention!  Check em' out.

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