Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hump Day

Yay - half way thru the week!! I can scratch a couple things off my to-do list now too.  :)

Monday night walk-thru rehearsal for Kaylie's Holy Communion
Tuesday Dr.'s appt.
Tuesday night softball game
Mom's mother's day gift, thanks to my brother! 
Jerri's mother's day gift
My dress for Holy Communion
Bryan's dry cleaning

There is still a lot more on the list (more than is off the list) but at least the list is starting to look a lot shorter!  I really feel like I don't have time to work anymore which is a double edge sword b/c we need my income but Good LORD I have no clue how I will manage when I have 3 kids and have to work full time.  My life is just so different from a stay at home mom.  Not saying stay at home moms have it all easy-peasy but it's just a completely different life. I know this 1st hand from being home on maternity leave.  My life was just so much less stressful, less crazy, less panicking, less running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  At this point I have no choice but to try and keep it all together but I'm just not sure how things will change (or need to change) after baby #3!

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