Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday was not the greatest day.  Actually it was pretty crappy.  In the morning we had Holy Communion Rehearsal and for whatever reason Kaylie was terrible.  She was rude and disrespectful to me and it completely through-off the whole day.  We left the rehearsal with me giving her a piece of my mind which then made her pouty.  It was not the time to be pouty because we had to race home and get ready for her softball game.  We were already running late to the game and the arguing just continued.  Kelly was fussy.  Bryan was aggravated.  I was pissed-off and Kaylie was being dramatic.  She didn't have a very good game and I'm positive all the morning drama didn't help. 

Then we get home and Bryan goes outside to do yard work, I laid Kelly down for a nap and started to clean.  I asked Kaylie to dust the tables for me -- well instead of grabbing Pledge she grabbed Goof-Off and sprayed it all over our less than a year old coffee table!!!  The coffee table is completely ruined.  I seriously cried.  I know it was an accident but the bottom line is that Kaylie was not wanting to help, was in a hurry, not paying attention and in a blink of an eye destroyed a whole coffee table/end table set that we JUST bought in September.  Not to mention we have a house full of people coming over this Saturday. 

After the Goof-Off nightmare we rushed (again that day, rushing-rushing all day) to get ready to go to Nana & Pop's for dinner. Bryan told me dinner was at 5:30 so we HAD to get there at 5pm so we hurry-hurried and got there only to NOT be eating until 7pm.  If I didn't have an 8-month old baby (who by the way was fussy all day) and have a horrible day on top of it I probably wouldn't have cared but it was just one more thing on top of everything else.  So while Bryan ate I walked Kelly around outside and really just wanted to go home and cry.  By the time Bryan was done eating and could take Kelly I wasn't even hungry I just wanted to go home and go to sleep.  The icing on the cake was that by the time we left Kelly was so exhausted she passed out in her car seat which made for a horrible bedtime routine.  She cried when we got home and woke her up from her car seat, she cried in her bath, she cried while I changed her, and then she cried off and on all night.  On Sunday I finally realized she is getting both her front teeth.  One has already cut through the gums and the 2nd one is on the way.  Poor baby!!  I gave her Tylenol last night to help her sleep and it seemed to help (her and me). 

In other news my Grandmother is here safe and sound for Kaylie's Holy Communion so that is really great.  I just pray I can make it through this week.  I am feeling very stressed & overwhelmed with everything going on.  I think some of my coping skills have gone out the window with this pregnancy.  My plate right now feels like it is not only overflowing but more than have the stuff on it is falling on the floor. 

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