Monday, May 21, 2012

Ear Infection Update

I ran Kelly to the Dr. and turns out my "Mother's Intuition" was wrong...she doesn't have an ear infection. Yeay....I'm going to take that as really good news for now.  Although, she is sick he thinks it's just a viral infection and needs to run it's course.  As long as she is better by Wed/Thurs- ish we should be good.  Otherwise we have to run lab work for a bacterial infection.  Booooo!!!

A couple other things:  Kaylie's hamster Holly died last week.  It was super sad (for Kaylie, not me and Bryan so much b/c we really took care of the mean little rodent) but we made Bryan dig a hole and put her in the back yard.  Kaylie and I said a little prayer and wished Holly good luck in Hamster heaven.  We know she will do well there. 

Kelly got a new "big girl" car seat and seems to REALLY like it.  She looks like she is riding in a Cadillac now or something!  It's still rear facing but much bigger and will work for the next 3 stages of car seats.  Also, she is now officially pulling up on the coffee table, chairs, walls, drawers and standing up looking at the world.  I'm pretty sure she will be walking soon.  Ohhhh Lord please help me through the next couple of years.  ;)

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