Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Our garage refrigerator stopped working yesterday...but Bryan being the handy man he is was able to pull it apart and buy the part needed and get it working again.  Ya, go Bryan!  I really am impressed. Kelly belly is like a crawling machine.  It's so cute but also makes her much harder to manage.  I'm missing plopping her in a chair or bouncy and being able to do other things.  Now she gets mad if you try and make her sit still.  So I let her crawl and spread her wings but then she ends up near the fire place or off somewhere she shouldn't be.  Soooo - needless to say I have my hands full and it's just the beginning.  Kaylie has field day today so last night we made her a field day shirt.  It's weird b/c nowadays they don't do shirts like we used to.  I remember using puff paint to write our class name and my mom and I tye-dying it.  Then the funnest part was at the end of field day everyone signing the back of each others shirts.  Ahhhh...the good ole' days. 

Last is a pic of some of the peppers from the garden and the 1st Italian Zucchini. 

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