Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What Wednesday

One of my favorite bloggers does a "So What Wednesday" edition every Wed. and I always enjoy it, so this week I am coping her and doing it too.

So What If.....
  • I hate making my bed every morning but I still make myself do it unless I am running super late, then I let it go.
  • I let Kaylie wear fake glass - we call them fashion glasses.
  • I am wearing flip-flops at work today.  I brought cute black sandals with a heel in the car and only intended to wear the flip-flops while driving to work...but then said F-it and kept them on all day.
  • Instead of working I'm typing this blog.
  • I plan to order pizza tonight instead of cooking dinner b/c I am feeling really lazy!
Thanks for the idea! 

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