Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Night

Bryan's birthday has come and gone, well kind of...we are having family and friends over on Saturday too, but he is actually 31 now. :)  We spent the night at home and had a nice dinner and then sang happy-birthday and had cake.  I couldn't find candles so I had to improvise but it worked!  Also, super-duper cute Kaylie made her Daddy a card and gave him 3 little presents.  The 1st a candy cane (left over from Christmas goodie bags) 2nd a pencil because he needs this for work and the 3rd an asphalt rock because she said he's a plumber and probably needs this too! was super cute and sweet. 
Next on the birthday's list is me!  Ya!...but not until May so I still have some time to enjoy Bryan and I both being 31.  After May 23rd he can start calling me, "his older woman" again.  ;)

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