Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stop Stressing

Yesterday morning started off with a 401K meeting at my office.  Not the best way to start the morning.  As the man gave his presentation and went on and on about high risk, moderate risk, conservative stocks, bonds, pre-tax, tax deductable, blah-blah-blah. My ADD kicked in and my mind went something like this...

OMG are Bryan and I ever going to be able to retire?  It seems so far away but really it's NOT.  Bryan has a pension but it's probably not going  to be worth crap by the time the fat cats get done pinching out of it.  401K what a put your money in and hope that when it's your time to retire the stocks are up and you actually get something. are Bryan and I going to pay for two girls to go to college.  I need to set-up college funds!!  Ahhhh...Bryan has been telling me to do this for 7 years and now we have another kid!  College, how are we going to afford 2 additional vehicles for the girls??  Kaylie will be driving in 8 years!! Cars for the girls, what am I thinking?  I need a new car, uhhhh - who wants another car note though?? I need to go buy formula for the baby on my lunch break, she is almost out.  Oh no, I hope I didn't leave wet clothes in the washing machine??  NO - I think I put them in the dryer last night.  We have a meeting on Friday morning and I have to put together a PP, I should be working on that!  Ahhhhh - I have so much stuff to do, why am I sitting in this meeting??  Oh yea...because one day I hope to retire! Snap back Jennifer - pay attention, pay attention - this is very important!!

I wonder if other people in the meeting do the same thing as me, or am I just a weirdo?? 

Anyway, the rest of the day was somewhat depressing because I kept thinking all day about all of the things, I should be, need to be, have to do and I'm not doing and I don't know how I'm going to find the time?  I know things always find a way of working themselves out but it's just my nature to worry and stress.  And it's really not a good way to be. 

Today I am really going to stop stressing (or try at least!).  Although, I'm going to be honest I may need medication to help me....

Last thing for today, Bryan and I are going to New York City in Feb. for a weekend trip.  I'm excited about it and think it will be fun, cold but fun.  Our brother-in-law, Jumer, who happens to be from New York and knows people so helped get us a really nice hotel in Times Square for a really great price!  And that is awesome b/c if you know anything about hotels in New York City...then you know they are ridiculous.  Soooo, super thanks to Jumer and his people for hooking us up!  :) 

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