Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today started off terrible, it was raining so of course everyone in Houston forgets how to drive.  Plus, there was an accident on my way to work so that just added to my aggravation.  Two things to add to this driving rant - #1 if you want to drive slow in the morning and sip your coffee and listen to the radio, fine - great - good for you put please get OUT of the fast lane or get out of the way! #2 if there is an accident do NOT stop to see what happened, keep driving or you are just going to cause another accident! I'm going to stop complaining about this now b/c it's just getting me mad thinking about it.  My friend Mattie told me the other day she listens to Christian music/talk in the morning and it really does help her control her road rage.  I need to try that and will try to remember to do it tomorrow morning. 

On another subject - Bryan's birthday is tomorrow.  Yay, we get to celebrate the day my sweet husband was born.  :) 

Although, he is driving me crazy right now about the BBQ pit he wants.  Also, every year he gets all dramatic and depressed about "getting old".  Age doesn't bother me so I don't understand what in the world he is crying about...he's turning 31 not 65!! 

Tomorrow I will post birthday pics!

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