Monday, June 4, 2012

Whats New?

Not that much actually.  Kaylie started Fairfield Rec Camp today and was pretty excited although I think she is starting to get whatever Kelly and I are finally getting over.  She crawled into bed with me around 5am crying her throat hurt.  She said she felt fine by 7am so I took her to camp and luckily my Dad will get her early so if she still isn't feeling well at least she's not gonna be there all day.  Kelly was good all weekend minus her sore mouth from all the teeth she has gotten within such a short time - she almost has 8!!  4 are on top and 3 are on the bottom with 1 more making it's way on in.  We said good-bye to Grandma Jo on Saturday and then went to Kaylie's end of the year softball pool party.  Sunday we went shopping and Bryan and my Dad worked on his jeep.  My Mom, Kaylie, Kelly and I all swam after the mall and just relaxed.  It was a pretty nice weekend.  I did have a minor meltdown on Saturday because...well....I'm sure it's mostly because I am pregnant.  Sometimes I just feel really trapped.  I have no time to be friends with my friends, and honestly I have no time for myself.  I feel terrible for that but it's almost impossible right now.   Anyway, after my little pity party I got over it and have to keep telling myself it will not always be like this.  Everything with Kaylie has flown-by so quickly it will do the same with Kelly and the new baby and then I will probably be missing the stressful baby days again.

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