Friday, June 8, 2012

5-days of sick

Today is day 5 of Kaylie being sick and when I say sick I mean she literally has had a fever every night of at least 102 and during the day it's a little lower around 99-101.  We saw the Dr. on Tuesday and he said its just a viral infection.  Then I called yesterday and spoke with the nurse again said she thinks it's just a really bad viral infection.  Well today I called again and they are having the Dr. look at her chart again to see if they should see her before the weekend.  Which I think at this point it would make me feel better if they did see her again.  I mean her temp this morning was 102.3 right before I pumped her full of more Advil.  How can that be okay??? It's making me nervous and I feel terrible for her.  :( 

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