Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On the mend

This weekend was not so much fun and my poor 1st baby girl.  Kaylie had it worse than all of us.  She was still running a fever Saturday so we did the same thing we had been doing all week - nothing but a lot of laying on the couch.  Then around 5:30ish I noticed a bruise looking rash on Kaylie's arm.  Well this was one of the things the nurse told me on Friday to watch out I immediately called the Dr. on call.  She said we needed to go to the ER b/c it could be a sign of meningitis.  Of course totally scared and worried I dragged Kaylie with me to Texas Children's Hospital while Bryan stayed home with Kelly.  Once we got checked in they did a throat culture, put an IV in her arm and took lots of blood.  After being there for 3 hours they told us she had strep throat.  My poor baby suffered for 6 full days for something that was 100% treatable.  I was so mad but at the same time just thankful she was going to be okay and that it wasn't anything more serious.  They gave Kaylie a shot of antibiotics in her butt (which looked very - very - very painful) Kaylie was so strong though and pulled through like a champ.  Finally after 10days she seems to be doing much better. 

There is nothing worse than when your kids are sick.  I'm just so grateful she is getting back to her normal self.  Without the health of our loved ones we really have nothing.

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