Monday, June 4, 2012


I feel like I keep saying this but it's hard for me to stop when the amount of tomatoes from Bryan's garden is forever increasing.  We literally had around 70 tomatoes this weekend.  I filled an entire vegetable drawer in our fridge and we still had a whole windowsill full of them.  I brought another big bag into work today and tomorrow I'm bringing some to Kelly's sitter and the Fairfield Rec's Director. We also have plenty of Zucchini, cherry peppers, sweet peppers, jalapenos and Bulgarian carrot peppers (that are too hot for most normal people to eat). 

 Excuse the tin-foil...Bryan seems to think this is helping keep the birds away but it's really not doing anything.  We have to pick the tomatoes right before they turn red, that's the only way otherwise the birds will eat them up.

I have to say it's been so nice for the last month and half or so not to have to buy any tomatoes at the grocery store.  I will miss them when their gone. 

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