Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Baby

Okay so my Dr. said I can have the baby on Oct. 17th or if I want to wait another week Oct. 24th.  I know this sounds crazy but I am actually leaning towards Oct. 24th only b/c it gives me 1 more week at work and allows me to be short one less pay check.  Plus, I am super busy at work right now and Oct. is going to be even worse.  I shouldn't really worry about the people at my job b/c well most of them are complete idiots but I still feel bad for leaving the goods ones.  Anyway...here is the recent ultrasound pic. 

  The head looks big to me...and Bryan has a big head so this baby will probably look just like him (like all of our children!).   My genes just don't stand a chance against Bryans.  ;) 

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