Friday, August 3, 2012


When I went into Kelly's room this morning she was a snotty mess. Poor baby her nose must have ran all night long! It looked like she smeared it everywhere. Despite her stuffed up nose she doesn't have a fever and even though I can tell she doesn't feel great she was still smiling at me.

In other news Kaylie has not been home for 3 nights and 4 days.  This is driving Bryan crazy!.  He just misses her and feels like she is getting older.  Which of course she is getting older and it's not that she needs us less she just needs us in different ways. To be honest I'm okay with all of my babies growing up, it's just life but I know Bryan is going to struggle with this with each and everyone of the kiddos.  I told him last night to just enjoy her being 8 right now b/c soon enough she really will want nothing to do with us at all (except for $$$)...eventually she will come back around....when she's like 25.  ;) 

My Aunt Jo is in town so this weekend we will chill and hang out with the family.  I sure wish I could drink some wine and just relax!!'s okay I can hang in there for a couple more months this ONE last time.

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