Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flowers and Men

Bryan was in "trouble" with me last week so he sent flowers to my office.  This was a very nice gesture but why would he choose to send flowers to my work for the 1st time ever when I was super-duper P/O at him??  Wait.  I know why b/c he is smart and knew he better hurry up and do some major damage control before making his third-time pregnant wife any angrier.  The problem was it was hard to even enjoy the flowers b/c all of my co-workers were like, "OMG, how sweet!!" "Is it your anniversary?" Ummm..NO.  "Is it your birthday?" Ummm...NO.  And then of course they were all like, OHHHH...I see.  Some of my girlfriends I told the truth to which only made me more upset to have to regurgitate the whole story of why I was P/O.  Sooo, all I can say is that the next time Bryan sends me flowers we better not be in an argument or fight.  I want to truly enjoy the flowers and actually be happy when my coworkers all say, "Awwwww....he sent you flowers!!".

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