Monday, March 12, 2012

Bye Bye Buick


This weekend was yuck all weekend, rain - rain - and more rain.  Blah!  Despite being stuck in doors all weekend we did have some excitement.  I posted an add on Craigslist for the Buick and (not to my surprise) my emails went through the roof!!  I tried to tell Bryan a LOT of people (in Houston in particular) would want this car but he was all, "Whatever, your dumb, this is a waste of time...etc."  He sure did have to eat his words by Sunday morning b/c it was sold and we had a nice little chunk of cash in hand.  :)  I pinched him and MADE him tell me "he was sorry and I was right."   So the Buick is gone and some girl named Shakina is happy.  Oddly - I kind of miss the car.  I don't know why really b/c I complained about it for 8 years but still I do become emotionally attached to my cars and while this one was my least favorite to date, it is still a little sad to see her go.  Oh well - life moves on and the reality is I need a bigger some sort of SUV.  So that will be the next challenge - getting me and Bry to agree on something!  Oh JOY. 

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