Thursday, March 1, 2012


Kaylie said her throat hurt this morning...uh-oh that usually means 1 thing - strep throat.  BUT I am keeping my fingers crossed it's just allergies.  It didn't look red this morning and she was fever free, fingers crossed we stay that way.  Softball is driving me crazy!!  I feel like it is taking over our lives.  Practice 3 days a week is way too much for me and I'm not even taking her, Bryan is!  Also, having practice on Friday night and on Saturday at 4pm just sucks.  What is going to happen when it's April/May and we want to go to the beach??  We usually go to the beach every weekend once it gets hot so Softball is throwing a major wrench in my pre-beach plans.

Kelly's 1st tooth is almost visible.  Once it's showing I will have pics to post.  She is such a happy, healthy baby again and I'm loving it.  I hope she stays sick free forever!

More news will come later but I have learned a lesson this week in keeping my mouth shut, or maybe it was a lesson of don't count your eggs until they hatch type of thing!!  ;)

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