Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was a busy one...mostly because of softball. The opening day parade was on Saturday morning so all the teams ride in the back of trucks with their teammates and drive down Mason Rd. throwing candy and bead necklaces as the crowds cheer them on. It was fun and Kaylie had a good time. We rode in my Dad's golf cart which made it so much easier for me with the baby. Afterwards, Kaylie went with Grandma & Grandpa to the carnival by our house. Then back home and off to softball practice at 4:30. It was a long day because it started around 6am. We were all pretty tired after practice, but Kaylie wanted to stay the night with my parents so I dropped her off and put the baby to bed. Bryan and I were able to rent a movie, eat popcorn and just chill out. It was nice. Sunday was much more relaxed. Kaylie and I washed Bryan's truck the "old fashioned" way and then she went swimming in the neighbors pool. Bryan BBQ'd for dinner and that was we go again with another work/school week. Below are some pics from this weekend.

 This is Kaylie's team.
 The team getting ready to ride out!
 Kaylie's team banner - my Dad's company sponsored them.  Thanks L&O!
 Kaylie at the neighborhood carnival.
 Our 1st strawberry from the garden...yummy it was so good too.
And one pic of Kelly Belly b/c I felt bad I don't have any of her on here.  :( I'm sure it's b/c I am pregnant and emotional but I'm feeling a lot of guilt right now because of being pregnant and poor Kelly not getting enough time to be the "baby" before the next baby is here.  She won't know any different but I do and it makes me sad.  I have been crying a lot lately and I'm really hoping it will pass soon b/c I feel like an emotional mess!! You'd think I would be used to this since I just did this a few months ago. ;) 

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