Friday, March 30, 2012


Bryan is super busy at work and we basically haven't seen him all week.  He has been arriving home as "early" as 8pm and as late as almost 10pm.  So basically Kaylie & Kelly haven't seen him all week b/c they are already in bed by the time he gets home and I'm about to be in bed if not already.  So we are all missing the big guy. Poor guy he is working 6am-6pm - 6 days a week plus has been helping his Mom after work with some plumbing issues.  He did manage to make it to Kaylie's 1st softball game on Tuesday evening so that was good.  She was so sad when he told her he probably wouldn't be able to make it, he was late but able to catch her batting and playing short stop.  She has another softball game tonight so hopefully he'll make this game too and since it's Friday maybe he can sneak out a little early.  I am thankful that I have such a hard working husband.  There are a lot of things I complain about with Bryan - mostly that he's not much help inside the cooking, laundry, dishes, etc.  BUT all of that doesn't really matter b/c I am so lucky to have a man that will break his back for his family.  Plus, he's handy and can just about fix all home repairs, he takes care of all our vehicles and thank goodness for that b/c I know nothing about mechanics.  He keeps our yard and the outside of the house in tip-top shape and he's an awesome daddy.  So - today I just wanted to say I am thankful for all that I have with my man.  I will try not to complain as often when he's not so much help on the domestic side of things!!!

A little side update on Kelly - she is so close to crawling!  I can't leave her in her room for even 1 minute without her ending up on the other side of the room b/c she rolls and rolls and then rolls into something.  Like last night I laid her down in the middle of her room for 1 sec to start the shower for Kaylie and I suddenly heard her crying...I RAN to her room and she had rolled into her rocking chair on the opposite side of the room.  Now for the last 2 nights she has been up on her knees with her arms pushing her body off the ground and rocking back and forth. Soooooo - it won't be too much longer before she is on the GO. 

Speaking of all this - I need my handy man to get something around the loft area and stairs PRONTO before Kelly is officially crawling.  Maybe on his 1 day off he can do that for me.  ;)

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