Monday, April 2, 2012

Manic Monday

This weekend was pretty good.  Friday night Kaylie had a softball game and she played well and had a good hit and made it to 1st base, unfortunately the girl running to 3rd base got out so that was the end of that inning.  But we were happy for her that she had a base hit!  Saturday Kaylie went with Nana & Pop to Austin for Colt's birthday party.  She wanted to stay the night after but we said no b/c Kaylie had a bad report on her Friday folder from both her teachers.  Apparently, she is talking in class A LOT.  This is not such a surprise b/c she is a talker and we battle her on this constantly it seems.  The hard part is that she also does really well in school.  She got her report card this week too and of course had all A's & B's.  So on one hand we have to punish her for the behavior but also recognize she did well on her report card. Fingers crossed this week will be better b/c otherwise I told her she will NOT swim in Grandma & Grandpa's pool over Easter break. 

Kelly has another ear infection.  Actually, I'm not certain of this so we go to the Dr. in an hour to check.  BUT I'm pretty sure.  No fever, but she has gotten really fussy the last day or so and not wanting to drink like her normal self.  Poor baby...this will be the 3rd ear infection in 6 months. :(  And it always seems to be the same ear.  I hope we don't have to put tubes in her ears, but then again I don't want her to suffer either. 

So today will be another crazy Monday for me.  This morning goes like this - Kaylie school, Kelly sitter, me work.  Run around work try to do as much as I can...leave work back to sitter get Kelly, take Kelly to the Dr. then run back to sitter (if Kelly is okay to go back) me back to work, then rush out of work at 4:30, back to sitter get Kelly, pick up Kaylie, straight home and start my evening routine of running around like crazy. Bryan is working late all this week again so I'm on my own again with the kids/evening duties.  Oh and I forgot somewhere in all of this I need to get Kelly's prescription, if she does in fact have an infection!!! 

Yep - just another manic Monday.

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