Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Kaylie can be so sweet at times that I just want to hug and kiss her all over.  Every morning when I drop her off she tells me to wait so she can wave to me at the door.  Then she runs as fast as she can to the front door of the school and turns around and yells, "Bye Mommy - I LOVE YOU".  It's the sweetest thing ever!  It really makes my morning.  I can't imagine her doing that in a couple more years so I'm really enjoying this while it lasts.  :)  Kelly-Belly might be starting to feel a little bit better.  Not 100% yet but I could see in her eyes this morning that she looked less sick. 

In other news, I drank a teeny-tiny glass of red wine this weekend.  I never did this with my last two pregnancies and to be honest I REALLY needed a glass of wine during Kelly's pregnancy, I was under so much stress.  BUT whatever it was 1 small glass and I didn't feel guilty about it.  Bryan gave me a mega hard time and couldn't believe I was actually doing it but whatever!! I'm not planning on making it a regular habit and I think when I'm really showing it might look bad but this one time was okay...and maybe all I needed to last another 6 month.   

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