Friday, April 27, 2012

Trucks, Bloody Noses and Bad Weeks

Okay so this week has been a rough one...although there are many more positives vs. negatives -  nonetheless it's still been a long week.  Our truck finally arrived at the dealership yesterday and they needed me to sign a "release" for the frame to get looked at.  So I left work to run up there real quick but while driving my nose just started bleeding like crazy!  It was so gross and I had nothing in the rental car to try and stop it.  I had to run into a gas station with blood all over my hands, arms and face.  I don't even want to think what the people in the store must have thought.  After that fiasco I made it to the dealership and they were less than positive about the outcome of the truck.  Long story short if there is any more frame damage than already seen they will "Total" the truck.  This major sucks b/c the truck was fine before the accident and the insurance company never gives enough money so it's just a crappy situation.  We basically lose a once perfectly fine vehicle for some chump change.  I started to head back to work and noticed the rental car (a Nissan Altima - which I actually kind of like) was almost out of gas so I stopped at a gas station (again) but could not find the button to open the gas tank.  I was trying to rip the plastic off the owners manual (the car is brand new) and getting very aggravated when a Nissan truck pulled up next to me...I yelled, "Sir - is that a Nissan?"  He couldn't hear me b/c of the wind so he walked over to the car and I proceeded to ask him where the hell the button was to open the gas tank.  He showed me it was on the floor board (I would never have looked there) and then asked me if this was my car or a rental, sort of laughing at me.  I was like, Ummm...yes it is a rental.  I think he was happy to hear that. ;)  Anyway, I finally made it back to work but then I was an emotional mess.  I called my Mom but she didn't answer then I called my Dad but couldn't even really talk b/c I kept crying.  THEN my boss calls me into the conference room and gives me a really nice card & gift card for Admin Day and I start balling my eyes out. I'm pretty sure he thinks I have major problems.  Oh well!! And the truth of the matter is that none of the truck stuff really matters...the only thing that matters is that we all are okay.  I have to keep things in perspective and not let myself get upset about a truck when the most important thing is that my baby is okay and the baby inside me is okay.

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