Monday, April 2, 2012

Mommy Knows

Well...Kelly does in fact have another ear infection.  Poor baby she is only 7months old (almost, April 7th) and has already had 3 ear infections.  Her Dr. said if she gets 1 more then we need to go see an ENT specialist.  We didn't have to do this with Kaylie so this is all new to me.  I will have to ask Erin what goes down if your baby needs tubes since her oldest had them.  It's funny how kids are so different, with Kaylie she would run high fevers at the drop of a hat, 104, 105 one time it was close to 106 (I was very scared)!  And we really had issues with strep throat but not so much with ear infections.  With Kelly she never seems to run a fever but either way I can just tell when she's not feeling good.  The first hint was last Thursday her missing a feeding.  She just didn't want to drink her bottle....I knew right then something was wrong.  Anyway, fingers crossed this is the last ear infection for the next 6 months at tthe very minimum! 

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