Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another day another dollar

I was off yesterday because Kelly wasn't feeling well this weekend, mainly Sunday so I took her to the Dr. and by the time all of that was done it was useless for me to go into work.  So I'm back at work today.  I thought Kelly had another ear infection but she didn't so that was good and her Dr. thought it was just a viral infection.  She slept last night and seemed better this morning so back to the sitter she went. 

We had a busy weekend (as usual) and Thank GOD I had Nana's help on Saturday b/c it was a lot of running around and she was a big help.  Kaylie had softball pictures and a game.  My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Phil made it to the game with Nana and I so that was neat.  They got to see Kaylie play one of her best games yet...although her team as a whole kinda had an off day.  Unfortunately, Bryan had to work so he missed another game. :(  Hopefully, he will be able to make it to her game tonight. 

Despite Kelly not feeling up to par I did get some pics of her sitting like a big girl and trying to crawl!

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