Friday, April 20, 2012

TV Shows & Husband's

I have to say I am so grateful that Bryan and I have a fairly nice relationship between ourselves and what we watch on TV.  A friend of mine was telling me today about her daily/nightly arguments with her husband about what they are going to watch and it made me realize I am so grateful that Bryan and I do not have this problem.  I think we have somewhat of a nice compromise, I make Bryan watch almost every Real Housewives known to man, Bethany Ever After (although he did throw-down on me about this show the other night), Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Fashion Star, Jerseylicious, random NatGeo shows that catch my eye - I like learning about different places and the oceans, some History Channel shows, random Biographies mostly about celebrities some of which I know Bryan could care less about, American Horror Story...okay then there is E! and there are just too many stupid shows on this station to name that I also make Bryan endure.   Then there are the shows that Bryan likes...and most of those shows I actually enjoy: Deadliest Catch is probably his fav (which works out great b/c I love this show too, even though it will NEVER be the same with out Phil Harris (RIP)), River Monsters, Swamp Men, Gator Boys, that's really about all the TV shows, he really just like to watch sports - mostly football when it's on but then he also enjoys watching, golf, tennis, basketball, boxing and MMA (this is by far the worst for me to watch and I will occasionally throw a fit about it) I think overall we have a healthy relationship with our TV.  Or maybe it works b/c he is the one that has to watch all my stupid shows and I really don't have to watch anything I don't like.  Well you know what they say, "Happy Wife is a Happy Life"  :) 

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