Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend - what weekend?

It feels like there was no weekend because it just flew by and of course I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off for most of it.  At least on Sunday afternoon we all got to relax a little at my parents house.  That was nice but not long enough. I wish everyday could be so pretty outside and so relaxing, we enjoyed a great dinner (probably the best brisket my dad has ever made) and then all rode around on the golf cart.  Too bad it was too cold to swim but hey I'll take this weather over the heat any day!  Anyway, back to another week of work and real craziness.  Kaylie has softball practice on Tuesday but she also has CCE and she HAS to go to CCE, her Holy Communion is fast approaching and I just can't let her miss anymore days of class.  Then she has a softball game on Wed. night and I think Bryan's sister and her crew will make it to the game. :)  It's really sweet that Cyndi is such a good sister and Aunt.  They always try to make it to Kaylie's events (Basketball & Softball) and of course are always there for us as well it's very nice of them and really what family is all about.

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