Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky #3

I never thought I would be a mommy to 2 beautiful healthy girls.  Honestly, if you had asked me 3-4 years ago if I would have any more kids I would have said, nope - no more for me and Bryan.  Kaylie was to be our 1 and only. 

At one point in our lives that was very hard for Bryan and I to swallow.  I saw 3 different Dr.'s, I took hormones, I even had an operation to see what was wrong. This was the worst surgery I have had to date - way worse than the 2 c-sections I have had.  Side note: this surgery actually made me pass out once I got home and I just so happened to pass out in our bathroom and hit my head on our bath tub and had to have 10 staples put in the back of my head, it was terrible.

Bryan had to have testing done, and to my surprise was great, no issues with him what-so-ever.  It was good news but again hard to swallow b/c Bryan smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish and I am the "healthy" one but all of the issues were b/c of me.  We went to Fertility Specialists and they told me I only had a 10% chance of having any more babies on my own.  They told me our only option was IVF which costs around $10-15K per treatment.  Bryan and I really thought about this option but in the end decided if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. 

As hard as it was I really closed the door on the whole baby making chapter of our lives.  I thanked God for blessing Bryan and I with our precious Kaylie Marie.  Honestly, I really thought about all of the woman in the world that can't even have 1 and how lucky we were to be able to have Kaylie.  We gave away almost every single baby item saved in the attic and were moving on.  We were in the process of putting our house on the market and I hadn't been feeling very good. Bryan literally forced me to take a pregnancy test we had from years ago saved in the cabinet.  It was actually really random but I reluctantly took the test and it was positive.  It was crazy because it didn't seem like it could be right...Bryan ran to the store and bought more tests and they were all positive.  We both cried.  It was such a happy moment in our lives.  

As crazy as it is we were able to share that crazy - happy moment again.  I wasn't feeling well again and similar story line, we had a pregnancy test in the cabinet and Bryan told me to take it so I did and immediately it was positive!  I'm not gonna lie I cried again but this time it was tears of shock and a little fear.  LOL.  I mean Kelly Belly is 6 months old!  I was just starting to feel back to myself and now wa-la preggers again!!  It's a bit of a shock but it's a wonderful blessing and even though I'm not sure at the moment how I will do it, I know I can and will and God must really be smiling up there at us.  I think he is even laughing a little.  All those years we tried and tried and I think he was just teaching me a lesson to trust him and let him be the one to plan and tell me not the other way around.   

So I was planning on waiting until April 10th to post this b/c then I am past my 1st trimester and out of the "danger zone" sort of speak.  Plus, I am considered high-risk due to my issues. But I decided to go ahead and share the news early because I did see my Dr. this week and my ultrasound was perfect.  The heartbeat was heard loud and clear and everything appears very normal.  She did not seem nearly as concerned as she was my 1st couple visits and she even told me "Congratulations" this time!  SOOOO - here we go again.  Lucky #3! 

Yep, that's me pregnant with Kelly-Belly about 1 week before her due date.  OMG...I just can't believe I am doing this again and so soon.  I was seriously not pregnant for like 5 months.  But like Bryan keeps telling me it's better to go ahead and knock this out before I get any older.  Also, this really will be our last baby.  Boy or no boy.  ;)

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