Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My little Butterball

Kelly belly has started to eat baby food.  Actually, for about a month or so she has been.  We started with the cereals and now worked our way to fruits in the morning and vegetables at night.  She loves all fruits so far and most vegetables except peas...she hates peas!  Last night we tried the little Gerber Puffs things and that was funny.  I took some pics after I cleaned her face from eating carrots b/c it looks so gross when people think their messy kids faces are cute.  Anyway, it was funny!  Kelly wasn't sure what to think about the puffs and then I think she was confused b/c they kept sticking to her hands. I'm pretty sure Kaylie and Coby enjoyed them more then her.  I think Kelly is Coby's new BF.  I joked with Kaylie this morning that I put some puffs in her lunch thinking it would embarrass her but she was like, YAY!  LOL!

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